Attaching cles to outside of bag

  1. hi ladies,

    i've noticed some photos here on tPF of lv bags with the cles hanging on the outside of the bag. i think it looks cute. just wanted to check to see if this is a new trend or if they are being hung from the bags just for the photos before i go out in public like this. :smile: TIA.
  2. I went shopping with my great pf friend yesterday and she has her round groom cles with the orange stripe attached to her mandarin speedy. It was soooooo adorable.
  3. that sounds cute. how about mono cles on a mono bag? is that too much mono?
  4. it's not too much mono, it would just blend with the mono of the bigger bag. it wouldn't stand out as much.
  5. No, I don't think it's too much. It depends on the bag - try experimenting by attaching the cles to your mono bags and see which ones they look good with. :smile:
  6. thanks for your help. i will try it asap!
  7. I think it looks nice when people hang cles from the out side of there bags.
  8. actually i was wondering, for you ladies who do this, do you actually put anything in the cles or is it just there as a purse charm?
  9. i do this, hang my indigo vernis cles from a bag, if the colours suit; from a blue epi noe to a sky blue bbag.. i like the way it looks; all cles look different so it's a matter of what bag visually works with the colour/pattern

    and i keep in it the things i usually do when carrying it on its own; credit cards, cards, and a little emergency folded cash. it's all i need usually when out and about.
  10. I think it is a way cute trend. Yes, I've just got back from Hawaii... while there, I wore my damier cles on the outside of my Mono Cabas Mezzo.
  11. I have yet to try it but def wanted to hang my green perfo cles on the mono speedy
  12. I do this with my cerises cles... I think it looks adorable. :yes:
  13. I hang my groom cles outside my mono speedy 30 sometime...look great!!!
  14. I usually hang my indigo cles from my Cabas Piano and my Black MC cles from my speedy 25. I like how it looks, that's why I do it. :P
  15. It is sooo cute!!!