Attaching Accessories

  1. Hi everyone,

    This seems like such a stupid question, but if you want to attach a key ring (without clip) onto your bag, do you simply do it from the hangtag or do you actually attach the ring to something on the bag? Would that even work?

    I'm anxiously awaiting my multi-handbag key ring and am so excited to attach it to my new baby! I bet it will match perfectly, yup.
  2. depends on the bag. some bags i have, you just can't (rings are too thick elsewhere on the bag). but i don't use a charm unless there's a place where i can easily clip it on.
  3. i usually steer clear of keychains on my bag for that same reason. will be nice to see some succesful examples . . . i.e. pics pls!
  4. with charms i attach it to either the hangtag or the dogleash. with keyfobs i attach it directly to the hangtag. there's a thread on the forum with many pictures.
  5. I've learned to attach keyfobs to the hangtag!

    I have attached keyfobs directly to hardware (I did it twice to two different totes ) and I never took them off cause they were too hard to get on in the first place!! :cursing:
  6. I hook it on the hardware. If that's too thing I hook it on the zip.
  7. i usually attach it to the zipper or hardware. i am just too paranoid that attaching it to the lozenge because if i loose the lozenge i loose the charm or keyfob.
  8. happened to me this morning...luckily I caught it...both my moon charm and hangtag went flying off my bag in the parking garage today.

    I've only put my picture keyfob on a bag...put it through the adjustable straps on my patent tote:
  9. hey that's a great bag to attach accessories to! it looks gorgeous, love the blue!
  10. That is the cuttest tote, ever!! Is it still available, if you don't mind me asking?
  11. Thanks

    found it at the outlet about a week or so after christmas...lot of people here did...they went fast, as they were priced at $143 (dang!) Haven't seen one in a while at the try eBay if you're intereseted.
  12. I've taken the key ring off and just slipped the charm onto the ball chain (hang tag chain). I have also attached a "jump ring" to the last charm chain link and added a lobster claw clasp. Either way looks fine. (It's posted in March purchases thread). My charms hang together in a cluster.

    I purchased an additional trigger clasp, attached that to the key ring and can now attached keys to the D ring inside the bag.