Attaching a key ring to a tote?

  1. I got a mini sig tote recently and there is a little ring inside the bag near the zipper that I assume is for hanging your keys off of. But, how do you do do that? It is just a little ring-and I have a regular key fob with y car keys on it-the only way I could figure out how to attach my keys is to put the key fob on the little ring like I put my keys on the key fob-and that is just too much trouble. Did any of that make sense? LOL

    So-I was thinking I could find something to put on my key fob that would make it easier to put on this little ring-any ideas?
  2. I think its there so you can attach a wrislet in it =D
  3. I think that's for those trigger snap key rings. If you could find a small dog leash clip or maybe a small clip that's used to attach charms on a bag, that might work. Or like Jadore said, you can use it to attach a wristlet.
  4. I use a trigger snap keyring and hang it off of the little D-ring in my Coach bags, it's perfect for that. But, like Jadore said, I think they also intend it for pouches and wristlets to be clipped to.
  5. ah-ok-that makes sense! I thought it was for keys-duh! Maybe I will try to find some sort of dog leash clip thing-a-ma-jig

  6. There are also little colorful clips that look like a combine clip (almost square and the side moves) in Staples, usually at the register. You may want to clip that inside your bag and clip the keys on and off. I think they are sold in a packager of 3.
  7. I was at Staples yesterday and they didn't have anything like that. At least not at the one by my house. I think I know what you mean-they are sort of boxy lookign and come in bright colors? Sort of a metal look to them?
  8. yes, exactly! they may be out of them. ask next time you are there. since school is out they may have been moved to the aisle with the reinforcements and stuff. if i find one laying around here i will pm you, i had 3.
  9. you might also want to check out the dollar store. i bought a cute metal fish shaped trigger snap keyringy thing to clip to the D-ring inside my bag and then just clipped my keyfob to that.
  10. Hi,
    I just wanted to direct you to this website, www. The company's name is UMX. This company has parts to make lanyards , key rings, namebadges. But it also has clips you can add to your key ring so that you can attach your keys to your tote. They also have a website I believe is more for public consumer. I hope this helps you. Lorie:smile:
  11. You can use a carabiner to attach your keyring to the D-ring in your purse. They're also pretty inexpensive and sometimes come in pkgs of 2 or 3.
  12. I go to a dollar store and buy a small dog leash and remove the leash part and then thread the key ring through the small end and then clip the trigger snap end to the D-ring.
  13. oohhhh good idea!!! :okay: Thanks for sharing!!! :yes:
  14. You can also take a charm that you dont use (like I have a "D" but dont use it) and attach the circle ring to my keyring, and use the charm clip to attached to the D ring. It has really saved my life doing this. I was forever searching for my keys at the bottom of my bag. Now even my kids know where to find my keys when I want them to use the autostart to warm up the car.