Attached Thumbnails not showing up ??

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  1. Hi the Attached Thumbnails are not showing up for me, does anyone else have this problem and is there a solution ?. Thanks :smile:
  2. The files are still being uploaded from the server move. It will take more time, but they will all show back up. Not sure of an ETA.
  3. Im having this problem too but its not on old posts/threads, if thats what you mean for the transferring files thing Megs, and everyone else on the thread can see them because people are leaving comments about how it looks lol
  4. Is it a leftover quirk from last night's tpf tech maintenance shut-down or is it me?:confused1: I'm not seeing the thumbnail pics on the LV threads.:crybaby:
  5. Is from the maitnence. It says at the top.
  6. Im not crazy, I knew it! I cant see any attachments lol!
  7. Indeed! I see the note now. Thanks!!
  8. I'm still having the problem of viewing attachments is the attachments still being transferred? sorry for the silly question..
  9. It's tough?? No thumbnail attachments in archives or old posts. Really resourceful information that's desperately needed.

    They will come back right???
  10. Not complaining here. Just wanted to say that I'm having the same prob too.
  11. Mine are gone too! Do I need to re-download the pics??
  12. Thanks for the info Megs.
  13. They should be showing up again... do they not?
  14. I came across some tonight that weren't up. I should go double check though!
  15. I just confirmed that there are threads without attached thumbnails showing up.