Att: Mulberry Rosemary owners

  1. I am thinking about getting a Rosemary, but would like to hear how you girls like the style before splurging :shame:
    I am looking for at medium sized bag with a shoulderstrap - something that will fit my essentials but nothing more (agenda, wallet, small cosmetics pouch, cell, small camera & keys...

    I saw an oak Rosemary on a woman yesterday and it looked great! It was quite worn in and I really liked the slouchy look - it looks a bit boxy when new, but I guess it gets slouchier with wear just as the Roxanne does?

    So girls, how do you like your Rosemarys? Are you happy with yours or do you think that style would be better for my needs?
  2. I've seen oak Rosemarys on sale in the outlets,very cute but I think with the shoulder strap it would'nt get quite as slouchy as the Roxy,I know mines going very slouchy from being worn on my shoulder,getting quite a big crease on the top flap,but I like that so no worries. But I can really see the Rosemary not getting that after I tried one one,it would'nt quite suit me at the mo as I carry lots of Sophies stuff as well as my own.It would be enough if it was just my stuff tho,and lookin at your list it would be perfect and not over stuffed.And they are damn cute!!!!
  3. Thanks for your take on it, Chaz!
    I've gone with a chocolate one off eBay :tender:
    I have a thing about larger bags so this is the first smaller Mulberry for me - can't wait for it to get here!
  4. Hahahaha!!! Coming out with all the standard excuses for having another one!! I love it!!!

    Seriously tho,I think I may lean towards one in the future in oak,its very,very pretty,and the shoulder strap just enhances the appeal I think!!! But I love choc,my Roxys choc and I love how its aged,getting a lovely soft gloss and slouchy laid back rock chick look!!! I have a choc Blenheim too,and can't wait to get that back into circulation,another cutie!! And then I may start hunting down my Holy Grail Mulberry,a baby blue Blenheim(actually called aqua) so cute with jeans!!!:love:

    OO, and now you're a regular,I won't need to remind you to post pics and share your new baby!!!!xxxxxxxxx
  5. Haha, luckily there's always an excuse to fit the purpose ;)
    I absolutely love choc too! I wasn't so fond of it to begin with but I fell hard for the colour when I got my choc Elgin :love:
    Funny how I always used to buy black bags, but since getting hooked on Mulberry I haven't bought a single one... Maybe because their browns are so great! The Annie inblack is great though - that would be my choice of colour too :tup:

    ... Argh, why am I already thinking about more Mulberrys? :smash:
  6. My first Mulberry was a black Rosemary, bought on sale from Saks. I love it. It is both small and yet big enough to carry what I need. It looks totally chic, cool. rock chic and I love it. It takes a beating and always looks great. I never use the small handles--they are too small. Always use the shoulder strap. Enjoy.
  7. I own a Rosemary in oak and I love it:yahoo:. I've been using it for a while now and it's gone lovely and slouchy. I usually fit in my wallet, cell, keys and agenda (the front pockets are useful for lip gloss etc too). I think a Rosemary would be perfect for your needs (but then I am biased!). I'm very happy with mine.
  8. Hello there Pilly!!! Welcome to our forum!xx Bit quiet today but usually it gets a bit nuts!! As long as you have a good sense of humour you'll fit right in!!! Enjoy!! Looking forward to chatting to you more and getting to know you!!!xxxxxx:tup:
  9. I think I may just make an eeny weeny trip to the outlet and see if the oak ones they have have gone down...................sshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,don't tell anyone tho,I think you got me sold on it...............oops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:graucho:
  10. Hi Chaz! Thanks for making me feel so welcome. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and to furthering my Mulberry obsession (although I'm sure my bank balance isn't!). Kim xxx
  11. OOO,we're a wicked bunch of enablers on here,but we'll give you all the excuses you need to help you justify and overcome your guilt !!! LOL!!!!!!!!:tup:
  12. I love mine and find it to be the perfect size for all my daily essentials. In fact I think I must make it my new years mission to use it more:tup:
  13. I'm thinking if they do an aqua one,it would condense two bags into one,I only ever saw the Blenheim in aqua,but its a bit of a small bag for me now with Sophie about,so I think I will try and hunt one down,although I think the oak ones I saw at the outlet were very,very cute,but if I did manage to find an aqua Rosemary that would just be the most ideal bag!!!:tup:
  14. I just wanted to add that having a black Rosemary, and loving it, has made me want a Roxy in chocolate. I just love the TOTALLY COOL LOOK!!!