ATT: Japanese PFs..Im going to Tokyo and need your help!

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  1. :yes:Hello all japanese bbag lovers.

    Im going to Tokyo :yes: at the end of january and need for you to tell me where I can find Balenciaga except from the Balenciaga Tokyo store. I will be very grateful for your assistance!
  2. I am so excited for you!!! :nuts:
    Japan is my favorite country in the world and :heart::heart: it..

    Other than Diabro that is located in Shinjuku, you could try Mitsukoshi Dept Store and there is this consignment store that stocks Balenciaga (I just can't remember the name of it)..however I reckon, Balenciaga in Japan is way overpriced in comparo to USD RRP :sweatdrop:

    or check this for complete list :yes:

    Have fun and happy shopping :smile:
  3. i wanna know too. i'm going in april. anyone been to the Barneys in tokyo?
  4. The Barneys in Shinjuku don't do tax refunds so just be careful! There's also the "Isetan" department store in Shinjuku which do tax refunds :yes: