Att. bvbirdygirl!

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  1. I saw in your signature that you have a Vuitton DJ bag on your wishlist!! what bag is that? Because I DJ and would love to se Vuittons take on a bag!!


  2. ..or is i something COMPLETELY different, that just have the same initials as 'DJ' ? ..
  3. I think the "DJ" bag she is referring to is the Drunken/High Marc Jacobs creation that has glossy black headphones as the handles. Supposedly, Marc stuck a pair of headphones on an old Fendi bag?? I am horrible at posting pics but maybe Irene or John or someone can post one for your reference..

  4. ^I'm thinking of that same bag too. Hopefully someone can pull up pics!
  5. Here are the pics:
    00050m.jpg 00120m.jpg
  6. Ok... So I was wrong... the BAG was black and glossy but I had a vision..

    And... THANKS I.... You must be like "ESPN" (Mean Girls :P)
  7. Any time, J!;)
  8. Speaking of I, Don't you have something new to post here :yes: :yes: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  9. Thanks for the posts and pics!! I guess I was WAAAY of base :smile: I thought it was an actual DJ bag .. for vinyls/LP's... silly me..:rolleyes:
  10. Did this bag actually make it to the stores?? The headphones don't look like they're durable enough to endure the weight of the bag...
  11. I don't believe it did: solely a runway piece
  12. Not yet!:hysteric:But very soon (I hope!!!)!!!
  13. OOOOO What is it? What is it!?! I know it much be something good!! :nuts:
  14. I think the bag is kind of cool.
  15. Hmm I saw it featured on the V magazine I bought and I liked it :drolling: ill try to post a pic when I get home I have to scan it first. So I'm guesing if it was featured on there than you can probably buy it but you might have to get on a waiting list..
    I'm using my blackberry btw just so you can see how addictive louis vuitton blogs can get!