1. Anyone see it? Any reviews/opinions?
  2. I heard one review on the radio, and it was nothing but RAVE.
  3. I read the book years ago and loved it, and saw it this past Friday.

    The movie was really was a definite tearjerker. I could hear a lot of sniffling in my theater. I really recommend the movie, and definitely recommend reading the book. Ian McEwan is a really great author. The director of the film (Joe Wright) and the actors were all really great.
  4. Does anyone know when this movie will be released nationwide rather than limited release like it is now?
  5. Ohhhh.. I cannot wait to see this! I read the book and it was fabulous! I am totally dragging my hubby to see this one!!!!
  6. Saw it in DC this weekend. Excellent film. Sure to grab some Oscar nods.
  7. I really want to see this also. I may see it this weekend.
  8. I can't wait to see it! I love period pieces and dramatic films! I'm sure I'll be needing the kleenex!
  9. Pursegrrl and I saw it today. All I can say is WOW.

    I won't post any spoilers but the basic plot line is how one lie can have a far reaching affect on other people's lives.

    I recommend it-- the first 1/2 hour is a bit slow. I will give a hint that you don't realize it till later, but in the first hour or so... they film different scenes from the points of view of the different characters. This is important to the plot because part of what happens is a result of differing perception(s) the different people in the movie have of events.
  10. Yay, I loved this film (and hangin' with my tPF'er awesome friend Roo was even better!). I can see why it got 7 golden globe nominations!

    And OK, y'know period pieces are not normally my thang at all. BUT I'm so glad I went. Profound. :okay:
  11. I loved it.
  12. I really want to watch this film! For the ladies who've seen it... if it more of a "girl's night out" film? Or will my boyfriend appreciate it? ;)
  13. Absolutely amazing!

    I was lucky enough to attend a private screening with James McAvoy (He plays Robbie in the film), and not only was he great in the film, but also in real life.

    You must go see it if you haven't...and make sure you take a box of tissues with you :yes:
  14. So jealous ! James McAvoy is such an excellent actor and suffice to say I wouldn't kick him out of the bed ;)
  15. Superb. Story-wise, and on a smaller level, visually, the details REALLY made it.

    The Dunkirk shot was UNBELIEVABLE. And the film as a whole was even better.

    If you havent seen Pride & Prejuidice by this director, also with keria knightley, do see it. It's masterful as well.