AtomicJellie's Louis V and Juicy Bags

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  1. Hello, here's me small yet incredibly pricey collection. I regularly use these bags all the time and love them to death. Here's the list:

    1) Louis vuitton Caryall 45 with strap
    2) Louis vuitton damier speedy 25 (my first LV!)
    3) Louis vuitton signature print speedy 25, from the b/f from christmas
    4) Kate spade black sam bag (Had this for about 9 years)
    5) LV wallet, also from the b/f from christmas
    6) Juicy couture chocolate colored slouch bag
    7) Michael Kors brookville satchel
    8) Juicy couture mini black leather bag (got it on ebay for only $50)

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  2. You have a great collection! And what a sweet BF, he sounds like a keeper.
  3. Lovely collection :tup:! Enjoy and thanks for sharing!
  4. Thanks for sharing - you've got a great collection :smile:
  5. [​IMG]

    Very nice collection ! :yes:
  6. I love your LV's ~ the twin Speedy's are adorable!
  7. I want your speedys!! Great collection!
  8. Very nice collection! Love your Speedys!
  9. Neat collection!