Atnm!!!!!!!! And Lv!!!!!!!

  1. omg, i love it! she looks so sexy and elegant!!! ;)

  2. I´m sorry, but who is that?
  3. She is one of the contestants from America's Next Top Model (ANTM)!

    She looks SOOO HOT!
  4. WOW! She is from America's Next Top Model? Really? Wow, she looks really pretty there!
  5. oops! i tried to change the title from "Atnm" to "ANTM"... mistake. heehee... oh, her name is megan!
  6. Those legs are killing me. They are not thin- they are so awesome and muscular!
  7. Oh, we haven´t gotten that season yet :biggrin: She looks very good. This is for a mag spread right? Not a commercial?
  8. that is a good picture! was that a shot she provided herself or a photoshoot for all the contestants?

    (sorry, i dont keep up with ANTM anymore ever since NICOLE won.... WTF!!!!!!)
  9. Love the suit!
  10. It was a photoshoot for all the contestants in the premiere!
  11. that is a gorgeous pic... she looks pretty there! i don't watch ANTM much anymore... got bored of that show after a few seasons.
  12. Indeed. Her legs are TDF... just look at those calves!!! I want mine to look like that!!!! :lol:
  13. oohh, thanks so much for the info! time to catch the rerun :yes:
  14. ohhh i just checked out the pics on (now cwtv), guess i dont have to sit through the episode after all =)

    i found this picture hilarious though... the upside down book, rofl!

    ETA - ok a lot of the photos were hilarious. i love the mockery of naomi
  15. yea actually, that photoshoot was to target model stereotypes. the one with the LV is "diva model". the upside down book is "dumb blonde model". the others were: "bolemic model", "anorexic model", "backstabbing ***** model", "model turned actress", "crazy phone throwing model", "addicted to plastic surgery model", "sleep with the casting director model", "narcisstic model", "black model trying to be white", "drunk & addicted to drugs model", and "thinks she can't ever work for under $10k a day model".

    i think the one mocking naomi could've been a little more acted out.. these girls are a bit too stiff.. however, the bolemic one is AWESOME.. almost fiona apple ish.