Atlas silver ring reveal

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  1. My mother purchased this ring today. I also wanted the one with the diamond eternity band on the top and bottom but in the process of upgrading my e-ring and saving $ for that project. So, I borrowed her new ring and added 2 cz bands to it. I may even try talk her into buying two real bands (but, not from Tiffany's due to $).

    I really love how it looks and love that there are options. It also looked good with her solitaire e-ring.

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  2. So pretty
  3. They're both beautiful rings!
  4. Thank you!
  5. Love it!!
  6. Thank you, me too! I think I need to borrow it ASAP!
  7. Love it! Especially with the eternity bands!
  8. I like it by itself or with the bands. Congrats. I want one of these myself!
  9. Excellent Choice. Congrats!! Love the nail polish, too. :smile: What color is that and what brand?
  10. Thanks! I just recently started doing my nails myself and it is by Essie and called something like teeny tiny bikini. It is a fun color
  11. Thanks. I love Essie too. Lol. I have that very same color. I have yet to use it.
  12. Nice! I have the rose gold version and I love stacking it with eternity bands. I hope you end up getting the two you want!