Atlantis Sex Bomb - reveal time!!

  1. Woohoo she arrived! And UPS was nice enough to even drop her off early today! :cool:

    Here we go....



    The sexy shoulder peek... :graucho:

  2. [​IMG]



  3. And with her sister, Ruby Strictly Sauvage!


    I would describe the color Atlantis more turquoise... it's definitely not bright, not over the top. I think she's perfect! Especially for a summer purse!

    Now I have to find a wallet that matches both of these girls... any color suggestions???
  4. Luscious color! When I see pictures of the Atlantis online, it's way brighter than your pictures. Very pretty bag!! Enjoy it!

  5. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeousssssssssssssssss!
  6. Stunning! Atlantis is sooo much better looking IRL than on the website. I'm still considering a boogie bucket in atlantis. sooo sexy!
  7. Atlantis looks like pool to me!! Congrats on your new bag :smile:
  8. congrats. Love the color. Enjoy
  9. beautiful !!! Atlantis is not so electric IRL. I just posted pics in the boogie bucket reference library of my Atlantis boogie. However the OP of this thread captured her color very well.
  10. It's gorgeous. . . reminds me of a beautiful lagoon!! I love it!
  11. Wow- that's a beautiful color! I didn't care for the color too much on the MHB website, but now that I've seen real pics of it, I think I would love that color! Congrats! I say silver or yellow wallet :smile:
  12. Thanks everyone! I am so enjoying carrying my new bag! :cool:

    Now why did I not think of silver??? I have a silver MK wallet!

    I'm so matchy-matchy... MHB has some Tano wallets on sale right now. Why is clementine calling out to me?? Not something I would normally go for! :lol:
  13. Clementine is an awesome color. IMO too much for a bag, so I think a wallet is a perfect option!!
  14. Beautiful...just a gorgeous color!

    Enjoy carrying her!