Atlantis or Cruise for 15 year anniversary?

  1. HI,

    We are planning a trip to celebrate our 15 year anniversary and will be traveling in February or March of next year. We went on a cruise the year before last and I know I would enjoy that again. One of our ports of call was Nassau and we took a boat over to Atlantis and walked around the property (some of it is unaccessible to non-guests). It looked like an awesome place to stay. We are now trying to decide if we would like to go there for our anniversary. Have any of you been to Atlantis? Could you give us your opinions? We will be traveling with our two children so something with childcare/children's programs is a MUST. From what I understand they do have drop off children's programs. Have any of you had any experience with them? Both of these meet my other criteria - beaches, pools and shopping! Just need to decide .... :smile: Thanks!
  2. My husband and I went there on our 1 year anniversary without kids. But, we are shopaholics, love the sun, drinks and dining. I would definitely recommend the Atlantis. We are actually planning to go back next year as we now how two small children. Their kids programs are the best! We saw lots of children's groups there while their parents relaxed by the pool and dined by themselves. Plus the kids LOVED it. You can go into town and shop at the market plus there are many high end shops on the resort. This is funny, but my favorite part of the Atlantis were the lounge chairs by the pools. Each chair had its own umbrella that you could adjust to get sun or not get sun! They have great customer service as well, equal to Ritz Carlton. I say Atlantis! BTW, next summer my children will be 4 1/2 and 2 1/2.
  3. The Atlantis is notorious for its bad service. There are so many other great islands and resorts that I would recommend over the Atlantis.
  4. I personally am not a fan of cruises...being stuck on a boat (no matter how big it is) with all those people just isn't my idea of a good time.

    I have been to the Atlantis and it was fabulous!! I would definitely recommend it. We had amazing service there, the food was good, the atmosphere was awesome and we had such a fabulous time.

    If I had to pick one or the other I'd definitely vote for Atlantis but that's just me. I will say this though:there are LOTS of other places that are way nicer and more romantic (for an anniversary trip) than the Atlantis for the price you're going to pay.

    Have fun whatever you decide!! :flowers:

  5. This is nice to know! It's eactly what I was wondering - thanks!

  6. Any in particular? We're open to just about anything; these were just the first two ideas we had.
  7. What other places would you recommend? It does not have to be one of the two I listed; they were just the "known" places that we thought of first.
    I know what you mean about price - Atlantis is very pricey. As far as the cruise; we've only been on the one and while I enjoyed it we were quite lucky as far as weather, etc. I love the beach and water but I actually don't swim (looking at it is nice!) so being on a boat worried the heck out of me but it did end up being a nice trip - and the shopping in St. Thomas was awesome!:yes:
  8. Atlantic as a resort is supposed to be tdf so i say atlantis
  9. I guess people can have a bad experience anywhere. We have gone to the Atlantis 5x now with and without our kids (started when they were 4 and 8). Our experience with their service was wonderful including sitting service and day camp.
  10. I loved Atlantis!! It's beautiful and definitely TDF!!
  11. I loved Atlantis when I was there. We too saw it on a cruise and were like we have to come back here! And it was worth it. I've never heard of a bad story from my friend & family who have also gone. I think you'd enjoy it! Someone here just went recently, like this summer, but I'm drawing a blank, sorry!
  12. Just came back from the longest week of my life from Atlantis, it sucks!
    I'm not kidding though unfortunately. :sad:
    It's great for kids but that's all IMO.
    The service was nothing short of horrific. They didn't care if we were there or not.
    The pools are open until 8pm, but all the cafe's and snack huts close at 5:30pm so you're kind of stuck hungry, hot and thirsty for 2.5 hours, oh and we were NEVER waited on once poolside :sad:
    We waited at a restaurant for a hotess to come back from her break for 30+ minutes at 6pm just to be turned away although we could plainly see a dozen tables empty. . .
    I could go on and on and on . . . .
    If I walked around there for an hour or so, I would've been impressed, but I'm SO bummed I wasted a moment of my time or money there.

    I'd recommend St. Lucia or Hawaii {Maui - Kaanapali Beach} anyday!
  13. My mother went to Atlantis for a convention, and said that it was really cold, unpersonable, and huge. However, my grandparent went on the same trip, and, being top producers, go one of the best suites- apparently the blinds were power-operated and they loved it! haha But I agree with Swanky-

    Kaanapali + Whaler's Village= Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Tiffany. (I think they also had a Versace but it closed) My grandparents just bought a 3 bedroom timeshare in the Maui Marriott (set to open next fall) there- their 5th one in Hawaii alone! Needless to say it's great!
  14. Hell yeah! I agree with you both!!! I was just there and I could stay there forever!!! :heart:
  15. oh that sucks that so many people here have had bad experiences! guess you better look into some other options, karla! there are lots of beautiful resorts to choose from though.