Atlantis, Bahamas anyone??

  1. Anybody stayed at the Atlantis?

    Just wanting to hear some peoples experiences? Are the restaurants in the hotel expensive and is the food nice?

    I'm thinking of visiting in November and would love some advice?
  2. Hello
    My family were guests there for a week a few years ago.

    Yes, the grounds are beautiful, but management will nickle and dime you for everything.

    It also is very expensive.

    They use the class system w/ the three towers. Hi end , middle end, low end.

    If the place is booked, temporary menus are posted over the regular menus with higher prices.

    Our first day was a quick lunch for five people. (3 were kids). It consisted of burgers salads etc. This was at a poolside restaurant. It was 200!! That was our first taste.

    You have to get up early to get a chair by the pool as they do not have enough for everyone.

    PM me if you want more details!
  3. haha you can tell I'm passionate over this one!

    Check out Cancun. Prices are much better, more to do, many resorts large and small, and the Mexican people are wonderful. Service is the best!
  4. Thanks for your advice!! I'd heard that the food was expensive, just thought I'd check with fellow tpfers!

    I've been to Cancun before and loved it, might have to visit again!
  5. We had a good experience there a few years ago... seems to be only complaints lately though... I think someone on this board recently went in the past year, but I can't remember. If you do a search, it may come up. I don't think they enjoyed their experience.

    Everyone I know has had a great time in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, though.
  6. Do a search..There are threads on this topic already that may help ya
  7. My sister just got back...hated it. Really crowded with lots of kids everywhere. Depends what you are after I guess. For the money I would like a little peace and quiet. There are many things for kids to do would not be my choice to go there. If you are going to go someplace loud and expensive...why not just go to Orlando?
  8. Cabo San Lucas is fabulous! I absolutely love it - it's not as crowded as Cancun, and there's still tons to do. If its possible, I toss in Maui as well. The Grand Wailea is amazing!
  9. great thread! DH and were thinking of going for our anniversary next year, gro3602 thanks for posting that link!
  10. I went 5 years ago and liked it.
    Swanky Mama went last year and it wasn't great.
  11. yep it was me and it was HIDEOUS!!!!

    Our rooms stunk and we were in the mid-level rooms.
    The food was CRAZY expensive and the service was indescribably bad.
    They did not care that we were there at all. . .
    We met a guy that had been bringin his family there for 8 yrs. He said every ear it's gotten a little worse than before, he said they're never coming back.
    That's Bad!
    It's great for kids, that's it IMO.

    I could go on and on and on and on. . .
  12. We went in 2005 for our anniversary. Unfortunately it was also spring break week, so it was completely booked and you couldn't find a spot on the beach to save your life. Kids of all ages everywhere, very noisy (the noise carries--we were on about the 10th floor of one of the bldgs., not THE towers. They have a food plan you can buy but we didn't--it seemed restrictive. The restaurants are expensive. One was $$$$$ with mediocre food and lousy service. Another (by the aquarium) was less expensive and better service. We ended up eating off grounds or the deli by the dock. Few good choices for breakfast. It's overrated, IMO. there are better choices.
  13. Timing is everything! Avoid spring break times if possible for the reasons mentioned above. My DH and I just went there at the end of March and we had a good time. It is what it is, you know? Basically it'a a tourist trap dressed up in fine tropical splendor. Yes, everything is ridiculously expensive but what are you gonna do? It was so nice just to get away for a few days to somewhere totally different than home.