Atlantic lily sold over mfsrp!!

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  1. Did anyone watch that auction???? It sold for over 1400!!! Amazing.
  2. Sorry, I thought I was in the Coach Shopping Threads... If a moderator sees this, I apologize and know it will be moved to those threads. Thanks!
  3. Boy oh boy, it really shot up there! Wonder if anyone from this forum got in.
  4. OMG, I should sell mine!!!
  5. If you are lucky enough to have one you should keep it!

    I also wonder if somebody here was the winner of it?
    If so speak up and collect your congrats!
  6. WOWZA...:faint:
  7. ok, WHO GOT THE LILY??? I know us ladies on here are probably the only ones crazy enough to pay that much for it lol
  8. I had it on my watch list just to see how high it went! I'm sure it's totally worth it for the winner!
  9. LOL, my too arsweb. I just wanted to see if it would even reach a $1000, boy it sure did! It's very pretty though.
  10. I saw that. The Lily had a scuff on the bottom and she was missing her hangtag.

    I was also watching a blue ombre sabrina that sold for $1200!
  11. I bet if Baglady hadn't just gotten hers she would have paid that much!
  12. You know it's funny you pay that much for a purse and they still charge you shipping. LOL, oh well, I guess if you're willing to spend 1415.00 what's another 10 for shipping?
  13. If I remember right, it had worn corners, didn't it?
  14. Yep, it sure did. And like someone else said, it was missing its hangtag. Still a beautiful bag!!
  15. OMg...I was watching that too. I actually wanted that one but, not at almost double the price. The last few sold at around $379