Atlantic City Shopping

  1. Hello ladies!
    My boyfriend is dragging me to Atlantic City on Tuesday and I was wondering if there are any good places to shop (hotels/malls) since I'm not a big gambler.

    We're going for 3 days, and he's taken the liberty to set up some spa appointments (a bribe to make me go:P ). We've been to Vegas before, which I absolutly loved, but he said AC it completely different. So my questions are:
    1. Are there any shops you recommend?
    2. What are some "upscale" restaurants to eat at (minus any "chain" restaurants and Mortons, gawd I hate their food:yucky: )?
    3. Recommend any spas? He's made appointments at the Borgota but I don't trust him entirely.

    We're staying at Ceaser's, if that helps.

    Thanks ladies!:biggrin:
  2. the Elvis slot machines!!! LOL. My bf and I were there just last Saturday. I've never been to Vagas, but I'm sure Atlantic City is nothing compared to it. There are nice outlets around there. I think they have Coach, Banana Republic, Polo...there's also some good restaurants in the casinos. Tropicana has Carmine's...their servings are huge, so it might be a bit much if it's just you and your bf. I heard Wolfgang Puch and Bobby Flay are opening up restaurants in Borgota, but not sure yet. There's a lot of clubs in the casinos...I k now Borgota has one and Tropicana has Cuba Libra...that one was fun, although I don't know how it would be during the week. You guys can also go to Cape May if it's nice outside. Cape May is nearby and it's cute...hmm...don't know what else. Have fun!
  3. I was just there yesterday...the best place for shopping is the Quarter, at the Tropicana. They have a great mall with alot of nice upscale shops and alot of great restaurants. In July Louis Vuitton will open when the mall at Caesars opens. They are supposed to have alot of great shops there too. but for now try the tropicana. By the convention center, there is an outside area that has, gap, coach, banana republic, guess, all the store that are at the mall and they are all outlets. I've stayed at ceaser's..its a great place to stay. The Showboat has the House of BLues.. Have fun!!!! :biggrin:
  4. i never knew there was a mall in tropicana...thanks! =) now i'll know where to go shopping next time...
  5. wow! there really isn't much in atlantic city! i thought it was like vegas?

    crazy: i love your triplets!

  6. i just got back from my first trip to vegas last week and AC has nothing on Vegas.
    the club at the Bargata is nice. and if you like spanish music Cuba LIbre inside the tropicana is nice but can get crowded quickly.
  7. As a hotel guest of Cesar's you can use their pool, and also their woman's lounge as i recall it has a hot tub, a smaller tub and they'll give you a locker

    Cesar's has a spa as well, most hotels have their own

    Borgata is gorgeous and the most Vegas esque, it was decorated by Winn and it's owned by the same people as MGM grand

    In terms of shopping. Their are the outlets, they're building the pier mall

    I have heard taht Tropicana has some good shopping, as they also have an imax theatre.

    Personalyl, Cesar's isn't that amazing anymore, but that's from a stand point in comparison to say Borgata.

    ANd if he's willing to splurge on spas, get him to giv eyou $ for the slots, they can be a real blast bcuz they have cute bonuses and stuff.

  8. Atlantic City is Vegas' dirty ugly warty stepcousin.
  9. oohhh...doulos, how was the conference? how was vagas? i forgot that it was this month already. i wish i could have gone. *oops...sorry this is OT*
  10. Thanks gals! I knew it would be nothing to look foward to, but the boyfriend really wanted to go gamble&party, but we couldn't get a "right" schedule for Vegas.

    Hmm.. maybe during the day I'll just stay in the room and shop online and do the spa thing, while he gambles...
  11. it was awesome. the confernce was superb. i learned alot. i actually ordered 2 cd roms on patho and cardio, i share them with you if you want. but most of all i had fun. went to clubs, lounges and window shopping. i was like a little kid walking the strip in such amazement. i took everyones advice and had such a blast. can't wait to go back.
  12. its kind of new, under a year. Restaurants, PF changs, Cuba Libra, Carmines, Irish Pub, A few others I cant remember. A shop that has a combination of chanel, fendi and gucci. fur shop, zinnmans, the spy shop, uscale jewlery shops.
  13. I know..I wish AC was more like vegas! But at least we have a great beach and boardwalk. I love vegas!
  14. Well It will be in theory with the New Mall their builidng behind Cesar's.

    I mean it will be if you can ignore the homeless people on the boardwalk.
  15. OMG, there's a store that sells Chanel in AC?? Do you know the name? And it's in the Tropicana hotel right? You've just made my trip much more interesting!:biggrin: THANK YOU!!!:heart: