Atlantic City Shopping?

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  1. We'll be visiting Atlantic City this weekend. Any ideas on where to find good (especially bag) shopping? Love Choo, Chanel, Celine, Bal! (Jeans too.) Thanks!
  2. some of the big hotels have excellent stores and there is a very good mall there on the boardwalk near Ceasar's. They have an apple store in it and a lot of designers.

    I got a coach wallet at a store in the Trop once, it was 6 months old, but a bargain.
  3. The mall at the Pier where Cesars is supposed to be great. I know they have a outlet area with some outlet stores but I have never been there. If you go online you should be able to pull up this outlet thing. It might be called something like the walk, since it is supposed to be a long street (ave.) area that you walk down and shop. One thing about Atlantic City is you have to be so careful where you are.....some areas are not places one wants to get lost in. A person I met last week was telling us how he was driving his Mercedes down a street and a guy threw a soda can at the car to mess it up.
    I would think their are some great after Christmas buys.
    My sis and SIL and kids are going there on the 5th for the Hannah Montana concert, she booked rooms at Cesars and I know they will hit the mall on the Pier there.
    Have a great time.
  4. Caesars is awesome! I live 20 mins away from AC so that's my shopping spot :smile: Lots of high end stores on the lower level and top notch restaurants/bars on the upper level. If you like sushi...there's an awesome place with the most amazing views of the beach/ocean. And...if wanna party at night...check out Game On. Its upstairs at the very end of The Pier. :tispy: