?Atlantic City shopping gals !

  1. Hi ,
    for all you shoppers in Atlantic City...

    Where is the best place to park when going shopping to the Atlantic City outlet malls?? Is there free parking attached to the mall?
    Also how far is the newly opened mall in AC ??
    As you can tell, I have never been to AC and a couple of my friends are planning to go soon .. to shop till we drop !

    thanks everyone !
  2. Another question :
    what is the main shopping mall called in AC...??

    Is this also considered the newly opened one?

  3. It's not really a mall-it's like normal outlets, it's a section of stores-each entrance in outside. We normally park at the parking deck at Caesar's and walk down.

    The upscale stores (like where LV is) is called The Shops at Caesars. If you park in their parking deck, you'll have no trouble going between the outlets and the regular stores.

    I believe you can also park on the streets, but AC is a real craphole, so I'd advise against that-especially at night.
  4. ok .. thanks for your advice ... is the parking deck at caesar's free parking ?? if not, how much does it cost?
  5. I haven't been there in a while, I think when I went it was like $7 for all night or something, but that was 4 years ago. You can call and find out.

    For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure I remember the street parking having meters. There are also smaller lots around that probably cost less than the main casino parking too.
  6. parking is 5$ at the Casino.. If you leave, ask for a receipt in case you move to another Casino because if you move, you don't have to pay for parking again.. I think it's good for 24 hrs.
  7. Im going to AC Saturday..I will let you know what I find out
  8. Park at Ceasar's or Bally's and then the parking is free if you have a high rollers card. ANd it's not ridiculous otherwise.
  9. There are parking lots by the outlets that are free if you purchase at certain outlets and stuff like that. It's right by the Applebees.
  10. great thanks for any tidbits you get !!
    I will be waiting to hear .

  11. Do you know where I could get this list of outlets to purchase from ?

    thanks !

    ps. Is Applebee's a good family restaurant to go to ?? affordable ??
  12. Applebees is an inexpensive family restaurant...