Atlantic city outlet??

  1. ANybody ever been?? is it any good??
  2. It's small...

    I was there right after Christmas & got a few things but that was when Legacy was still at the outlets.

    Also you have to park in remote lots & either walk a few blocks or take a trolley that I never saw.
  3. I went a couple weeks ago during a girls-weekend and it was actually really nice. I had heard it was a "dump", but it wasn't. They had about the same things that I could find at my VA outlet, so I didn't end up getting anything...but the store itself was clean, organized and well stocked with the typical outlet-type items. Hope that helps!
  4. awww... i guess thre are no other outlets nearby! i m thinking of going there next weekend for v day!!
  5. yes. both times it was a MAD HOUSE. it is small, so it is tough to actually move around or stop and look at something.
  6. I went a couple of weeks ago and purchased a Hamptons embossed carryall. The AC outlet was very nice and the SA was very helpful. They had ergo totes and some bleeker duffles. All in all it was a pleasant experience.
  7. thanks guys!!
  8. I'm bumping this because I can't seem to find the Atlantic City Outlet thread.

    Anyone been there recently? I'm going on a road trip there soon and just wanted to know if the outlet is better than the Niagara Falls one in Ontario.
  9. Going tomorrow actually...I'll do an update once I'm there!
  10. Ohh. Please update us when you get back. And lots of good luck to you :smile: :smile: :smile: