Atlantic City LV!!!

  1. So my mom lives in Ocean City Nj and this weekend we went over to Atlantic City to the new Caesars Pier!! And we went into the new was HUGE!!! I have only been to the LV in King of Prussia so this store was so big to me. And they had everything!!!! I didnt purchase anything but I showed my boyfriend the agenda that i want for christmas!!! If anyone lives near by you should definatly check it out!!!! :yes:
  2. Hi Courtney!! I am headed to AC for the day to celebrate my anniversary this coming sunday (I'm only about an hour away by car). I am def stopping by to see the Pier shops esp LV! I am so glad to hear it's a nice sized store! More to see and maybe buy!:graucho:
    Thanks for sharing...makes me even more excited for sunday!!:yahoo:
  3. Congrats on your anniversary!!! you will definatly have fun!!!:yes:
  4. Yeah, been to AC many times (love it), but have not visited the Pier Shops yet and never with BF. We'll have fun! Thanks! :flowers:
    Glad you had fun!
  5. my only thought about the AC LV is that the younger female SAs are much nicer and friendlier than the older SAs...not to be agist but I've had that experience on a few occasions.