Atlantic City Louis Vuitton Boutique is staffed with Morons

  1. I went today. It was like a trip to idiot island. First of all. The SA told me that the Suhali Locket did not come in black. Then when I inquired about buying a replacement strap, she looked at me with a retarded look and said, "Straps??" "I dotn think we have those". Then I asked her for a agenda refill for my agenda, and was told they dont make them. Then the store manager (Kind of the idiots) told me that they never made a PDA case. It was really really sad in there. I got so frustrated I just walked out. They knew nothing about the line at all. Anyone else make it in there and speak to anyone with a brain??
  2. Ugh..that's the same problem I had down here at the LV boutique in Neiman's.

    When I was getting my Etui Widescreen Ipod case, I specifically asked for it by name and the girl got this confused look and was like, "You want the nano case? Wait, widescreen? We don't have those."
    Then I go, "Yes you do, the girl at the LV store just looked it up on the computer and it says this store has 2 in stock."

    Sometimes you feel like YOU know more than the SAs!
  3. And the worst part is they get an attitude...they are wrong, they are arguing with you, that you are wrong. I swear to god I almost whacked the manager with my MC Speedy..........I had to leave, as I almost lost it.
  4. Wow. Sorry you had to deal with them, lol. It's kinda comical, actually, but frustrating, I know. I didn't know that Louis Vuitton made a PDA case. Do you know the name of it?
  5. I know! The girl kept acting like I was the one who had no idea what I was talking about!
    Then once she DID actually move herself to the back room, she found I was about to pay and she goes, "Is this ALL?"
    And I was holding TWO HUGE bags from the LV store down the way!! I was thinking of saying, "Yes this is all..notice that I bought all these other pieces at the actual store because I hate coming in here and dealing with people like you!"
    Ugh. If the actual store hadn't been out of my case, I would much rather have gotten it from them. :rant:
  6. I'll tell ya, I was in there last week and was NOT impressed with the SA's either, they had attitudes, never asked me if I needed help, and didn't seem to care, they also made me feel like I did not belong in there.....I had picked up a bag that was in an area not behind a counter, which I've always been told by SA's in other stores that that's fine, I placed it exactly where it was when putting it back and the girl came right behind me and "pretended" to adjust it though it needed no adjusting, that p'd me off enough to say ok, I'm outta here!!! so she could bother to touch the bag after I put it down, but not ask me if I needed help.....Anyway, I'm hopefull that it will get better, if not, I will use the store only as a reference to see what I like and make my purchases from elux or something, if the SA's don't treat me right I have NO reason to make a purchase from them......

    I did have a lovely experience in KOP on Tuesday though, I had limited time b/c I was on my way to a meeting, but the girl that helped me was very nice a patient though I was only making a small purchase.....
  7. this ALWAYS happens to me because I'm young. I don't know what they are thinking with all their attitude since obviously I'm the one buying and not them. Sometimes I want to tell them off but why stoop to their level right???
  8. Sorry you had a bad experience. I only have one word for that boutique...TRAINING?? :rolleyes:
  9. Omg they are idiots... I say next time totally make them take a catalog out and prove them wrong.

    I always bring a catalog when a customer makes serious inquiries cause sometimes they don't believe me, but then again I don't feel I'm that much of an idiot, HAHA.

    I can't believe you received such poor service! SHAME ON THAT STORE! :censor:
  10. So sorry to hear about the bad experience... :sad:

    I hope I never have to deal with SA's with an attitude...
  11. I'd probably just roll my eyes at them.

    If they honestly didn't know of the item you were enquiring about, they should check. Alot of times they don't bother to check and they say that they don't make it or they've never heard of it.
  12. Exactly, why stoop to their level, it's funny, b/c I kinda look younger than I am so I'm not alway taken very seriously when looking at items....when I ran into KOP Tuesday, I had 35 minutes, my 1st stop was @ chanel in NM where the SA half heartedly helped me, then I went to LV bought my cles, then to Hermes bought my scarf, then to Cranes paper to buy some filofax paper for my new agenda, then back through NM, I saw the chanel girl look @ me out of the corner of my eye and I think it was partly b/c I had a big Hermes bag and a medium LV bag....all I could think of was it felt like it was a little Pretty Womanish except I didn't stop and say, "you work off commission right, big mistake, big....,huge....,I have to go shopping now" LOL.....
  13. You should have! :roflmfao:
  14. The girl @ LV in KOP that was helping me was clearly newer, but she didn't question me at all, when she didn't know what I was talking about she didn't even attempt to imply it didn't exist, I can understand they may not know every single thing, it takes a long time to learn that, but don't assume we're wrong just b/c we are the customer, they don't know their dealing with PF girls! Anyway, I will go back to this girl in a minute, her name was Jamie J. and she was very nice to work with....
  15. These experiences are horrible! I would definitely write a letter of complaint to LV customer service for both stores---Atlantic City(that's really terrible for the Store Manager to behave that way!!!) and the LV NM boutique.