1. is there anyone else who lives in or around Atlanta?
  2. anyone? :confused1:
  3. i'm in Athens! i'd love to have an Atlanta meet!
  4. I'm about ninety minutes away...
  5. i actually live in marietta, but i moved here in march so i'm not too familiar with the area.
  6. I'm only 5 hours away ;)
  7. I'm 2 hours away! I'd come :yes:
  8. I'm in Atlanta...
  9. I live in ATL or at least in the outskirts in snellville.
  10. wonder if we should plan a get together then...
  11. i'm originally from Marietta - born and raised! i'd love to have an Atlanta meet and i'd be more than willing to plan it if we could get a good group together!

    so, start PMing folks that you see on the board that have Atlanta, Georgia, etc. as their location and tell them to contact me or post here if they're interested!
  12. how in the world do you get from Atlanta to Jacksonville in 5 hours? it took me 8 to get to the Georgia/Florida game at Altell (sp?) two years ago.
  13. ^^ sounds good. I'm in.
  14. do you guys want to meet up one evening next week?
    maybe a mall or dinner somewhere?
  15. I live in town, close to Emory and VaHi. I'd love to meet up anytime!!! :smile: