Atlanta WSBTV local news story on fake handbags

  1. I'm glad to see that the truth about the fake handbag industry continues to get attention. Hopefully these stories will help educate the public.

    I was out of town all week on business, so I missed this when it originally aired, but DH told me about it. See videos here:

    First watch "Handbag Investigation Turns Dangerous"

    Then watch follow-up story "Designer Speaks Out..."

    They did an investigation on a woman selling fake bags in her shop and claiming that they were authentic. When the reporter showed up, they threw the bags in the back of a truck and tried to run over the news crew! The driver has been charged with assault.

    Then, a follow-up story featuring a woman who bought some of the fakes thinking that they were real (even though they are BAD fakes). All of her purchases are falling apart.
  2. Intresting.
  3. :nuts:They tried to run over the news crew?!? Crazy people! :nogood: