Atlanta tPF meeting anyone?

  1. Ok.. Just throwing that out. What do you think of that idea? I know some of you who are in Atl.. Don't be shy! :rolleyes:

    PS: I've nothing plan so far for the summer. So it'll be nice to have something to look forward into...
  2. Possibly! It would be about a three hour drive for me, but I'd definitely consider. I dont go back to school until August.
  3. Right Now I Am Helping With Boston & Possibly Attending NY.....But, I Would Love To. I Am Charlotte....
  4. i would love to! Athens is only an hour drive, and i'm a native Atlantan anyway!
  5. I am already here. That sounds fun. Keep me informed.
  6. I'm so jealous! I lived in Atlanta for 11 years before moving to Indianapolis. Love it here too (my family is all here) but miss Atlanta very much:cry: - especially the shopping.
  7. That would be rather nice. I am in Atlanta quite often. I'd like to meet some PF ladies from the area.
  8. I'm so jealous too! My folks live in Atlanta. Seems like everyone's getting together regional TPF meetings except for me!
  9. So fly to Atlanta... Meet your parents and then meet us.. You get both to look forward to in one trip :graucho:
  10. Can we decide on which day is best for everyone? How about a month from now? Like the weekend of 26-28th of May??
  11. oh I live in Atlanta! I would definitely go. I'm taking 7 classes right now for summer =( but I will try to squeeze some time for purseforum girls! ^ do you mean June? I think that would be okay!
  12. june would be good for me :smile:
  13. Count me in!
  14. I am 3 hours drive from atlanta.Its possible I could make it.
  15. Yup I mean June... Let me start planning.. And then I'll send you all an evite... Do you want it to be in Phipps or Lenox?