Atlanta SAKS Chanel Sale

  1. Hi all - I guess the Atlanta Saks is slow, but the Chanel items JUST went on sale. They had the baby animal totes, just about every bag from the Mademoiselle line, tons of scarves, and some costume jewelry (a couple of rings and a huge black cuff).
  2. Thank you for sharing this great finds banana. I've been looking for a madamoiselle clutch, but am still on the hunt. No luck yet. Hopefully the SAK Atlanta have the clutch. I was told that they were all sold out. Did you happen to see the madamoiselle clutch ther?? TIA.
  3. Yep, they definitely had the clutch...a couple of them I think. There was only one tote. All of the mademoiselle bags were in the sea foam color.
  4. OMG!! banana, please help!! I just called the store in Atlanta and the SA said that the only thing available are the MAD camera bags. One small and one large. That was it. She said there was no SALE clutch at all. :sad: I'm so....:sad: If you happen to visit the store again, and see the clutch. Can you please put one on hold for me? Doesn't matter what color, black, green, pink.etc. I'll take it, as long as there's one left for me. TIA.
  5. Did they have any earrings on sale?

    Do you know how long the sale lasts?

  6. Hi Angel - I will go into the store tomorrow and see what they have left...there were so many bags on Friday, but I guess it's possible they hit the weekend rush and stuff was snatched up...

    BagLuver, I don't remember seeing any earrings...just a couple of rings and a big plastic cuff. Not sure how long the sale will last...
  8. Thank you!
  9. Did the cuff have crystals on it and what color?

    Thanks in advance!
  10. Yup they were pretty wiped out. There was still a big baby animal tote left and a squarish Mademoiselle bag, but not much SA wasn't there, so I couldn't ask if they were holding stuff in the back.

  11. The cuff was big and black (at least 2" wide). It had stuff on it, but I can't remember what. Unfortunately, I didn't look carefully because I wasn't very interested because it was so big. If it helps, I think it was on sale for ~$800 (down from ~$1400).