ATLANTA GIRLS, NM actually has Bals!!

  1. I just popped in after lunch to do my usual browsing, and they had SIX Bbags:wtf:, which is quite a feat for them.:rolleyes: They had:

    ~Vermillion/Orange GGH Hobo
    ~Black RH Brief
    ~Limited Edition NM City with Giant Gunmetal Hardware
    ~White/Ivory GGH Brief
    ~White/Ivory First

    Hope that helps if anyone is looking for anything!;)
  2. I think the GH Hobo might actually be Paprika...
  3. Wow thanks! I actually went in Monday afternoon and all they had was the LE NM City and the ivory first! They must have gotten in a new shipment!!
  4. Thanks for the info! How did the Paprika/reddish-orange GGh hobo look? I have only seen Paprika with SGH!

  5. It looked really nice! The bag looked very "warm" from far away, and the GGH really enhances the color. IMO, I bet GGH looks much metter than SGH for Paprika.:yes:
  6. Thanks so very much! :yahoo:
  7. I'm not an Atlanta girl, but I just bought that Violet First! They're shipping it to me. Thanks so much for the tip!

    I'm a little nervous about the leather quality and all that, seeing as it's late in the season, but I guess I can always return it if this doesn't work out.

    By the way, when I called, I tried to pay with a MasterCard, but the SA told me that they only accept American Express or Neiman Marcus cards. Fortunately I have a Neiman Marcus card, but I thought that was very weird. I spoke to a very nice SA last night when I first called to inquire about the bag, but the SA I spoke to this morning seemed impatient and irritated.
  8. I don't think NM ATL is yet getting "shipments," but more likely returns from other NM stores. I got a bag from another NM, returned it there, and it already has been sold. BTW, still brand new, not test driven or anything! But supposedly they are coming by next fall.
  9. Is Piper still working there? She is an AWESOME SA if you want someone to contact. She can also help you find the bag you want at any other NM store (she found me a VG Day with GGH after they were all supposedly "sold out").
  10. That's the policy at NM. They only take the NM card or AmEx. It is kind of a pain sometimes but their incircle points program is pretty good. For every $5000 you spend, you can get a $125 gift card.
  11. That's good to know...I guess not accepting many cards one way of getting people to open NM credit accounts!
  12. I only held it/looked at it for a minute, but the leather seemed really nice! Very silky and smooth.:tup:
  13. Thanks Sassy, that's really good to know and very reassuring!