Atlanta Balenciaga Lovers: where can I molest some B-bags?

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  1. I've gone to Bob Ellis several times and have never seen any.
    I've never seen any at Neimans or Saks either.

    I wanna play:yes:
  2. Only at Bob Ellis/Jeffrey, and the selection is fairly limited. NM, Saks and Nord. here do not sell.
  3. Yea, I knew that no one else sold Balenciaga here:sad: but I was hoping someone might know of a new store.

    I need to move.....
  4. I have run across one or two at NM on rare occassion, but I haven't seen any lately. :crybaby: I did talk to an SA at Bob Ellis and he said they only get stuff sent to them they don't order it. He thought the new bags would come in around January sometime.

    It is so frustrating! It took me so much longer to jump on the bbag bandwagon because I hadn't seen any IRL. I just didn't get the whole leather thing.

    Maybe we could meet and look at each others' bags?? I'm in Suwanee!
  5. How hilarious!

    happy molesting:smile:
  6. Suwanee? I live in Norcross and Work in Duluth near Suwanee.
    If I see anyone with B-bags around I'll wave because it might be you!
  7. I work in Johns Creek and am using my cognac purse this week.
  8. I work in Alpharetta, near the North Point Mall. Wave to me too! :yes:

    Bob Ellis/Jeffrey's had a few Bbags the last time I was there, but they were extremely thin and distressed. I wasn't impressed at all.

    I called Nordies at Phipps last week and they are now carrying Chloe ("We have four!"), but so far no Balenciaga. I thought for sure they'd said they were supposed to get some Bbags in around the holidays, but maybe it was Neiman's? Saks has everything BUT Bbags. You'd think we would have a bigger selection in a major city!
  9. I did recently see a B bag from S/S 06 at NM, but I have the feeling it was a return of a bag purchased elsewhere, and they just took it. As to Jeffrey, I think they order for both stores, whatever strikes J's fancy, not necessarily what people want. I used to laugh at how into the tiny Twiggy he was! They would never sell, even on sale. They never have enough of any color or style to allow you to make a selection of leather, never know when they are coming, and grab the ones that look nice the second they come in and send them out on approval to select customers. Most of the SA's don't know the names of the bags and don't really keep up the way people on this forum do. I have shopped there for years and spent a fortune, but it is just not the place for B bags. I use Balenciaga in NYC (no tax) or Barney's or even Gretta Luxe.
  10. It is sad that we have most everything else but no Balenciaga!! Most of my purchases have been from ebay but I did buy a bag from BalNY after a friend of mine went in there and picked it out for me. I just like to look in person and hate having to order site unseen!! I agree, the selection at Bob Ellis was pathetic, certainly nothing to get excited about!!
  11. ^^ I know! I was in Atlanta a few weekends ago and couldn't believe that I could find no where to love on some Balenciaga. The guy at Bob Ellis said they'd just sold their black city a day before I got there, and the girl at NM couldn't even pronounce Balenciaga!!! C'mon Hotlanta, get with the program!
  12. I just moved from Atlanta to Virginia and was so excited to find a store here that carried b-bags! I feel the pain of all you girls! I looked and looked in Atlanta as well! It's always worth a trip to molest them in NYC though!
  13. Hi, girls. I just moved from Atlanta to Chicago area. Although after the snow we had last weekend, I love the weather in Atlanta, but I am happy I can get my hand on Balencaiga from Shurise. I just bought mine from them two weeks ago. Love it.

  14. thats what I'm talking about. :yes: Hopefully someone gets the message. its sucks buying 1k+ bags sight unseen.