Atlanta-area purse obsessors - i need your help!

  1. hey y'all - i'm a magazine journalism major at UGA, and for my advanced magazine writing class, i'm writing an article about the rising cost of handbags and why women continue to pay the premium for the next great bag. i need to do face-to-face interviews as a requirement for the article, and if some of you lovely ladies wouldn't mind meeting me at your favorite mall in Atlanta to chit chat about bags, i think many of you would be perfect for what i'm writing! if you're interested in helping me out, please please please either PM me or comment here and i'll get in touch with you!

    again, thank you guys so much in advance!
  2. c'mon folks, please!
  3. Amanda, I'd be happy to participate. Always glad to help out a fellow Bulldog! :biggrin:: Feel free to PM me.

    Come on Atlanta ladies! I know there are several of you out there!