Athletics in Motion !!!

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  1. Do you enjoy any of these activities ? If not, which ones do you enjoy ?


    Ice Skating
    Skate Boarding
    Roller Skating
    Bike Riding
    Motor Bike Riding (Go Kat Go !!!! )

    I love to ride my bike.
  2. i like biking on bike paths, but not on city streets. i'm always afraid i'm going to biff it then get run over! i usually just like long walks, jogging, swimming and yoga. :smile: i'm waaaay too uncoordinated for the rest of it. :smile:
  3. You know me, Pradasmeadow! I do LOVE to ride my motorcycle. In the winter I enjoy skiing. I use to mountain bike quite a bit before I got the motorcycle. Sadly, the mountain bike hasn't seen the light of day since. I'm going to try to get her out a little this summer! I also like to play tennis, but I'm not great at it. My husband wants me to try golf. He's a big golfer. It just doesn't interest me. Too slow-moving.
  4. I'm not active in any of the activities on the list. I used to love "roller disco" to Abba songs when I was young though.

    I was in ballet for 10 years & I still love to do the leg moves as exercise. I was on the swim team for 3 years too.

    I used to run 3.5 miles a day but DH is deployed & I can't get out alone much now so it's mostly Walk Away the Pounds for me!
  5. just ice skating and roller blading! i just love it when i nail myself! hehehe! what a hoot!
  6. I LOVE to ice skate outdoors. I live near a pond back in NE, and if I have time it's soo lovely to go ice skating out there when it's snowing. Beauuutiful.

    Also, does spinning count? lol.
  7. I used to love rollerblading. I don't go anymore :o(
  8. Isn't shopping an athletic event ? ;) That's pretty much the only athletes I actively engage in besides hitting the cardio room at the gym.

    I have a moped that I really need to get repaired, it's too awesome to just sit in the garage all the time.
  9. I used to love to iceskate and rollerbalde. I used to live by an indoor rank, but not anymore. I haven't done those things in so long.
  10. Ice skating and rollerblading it fun :biggrin:
  11. LOL I wish. Can we make computer chair olympics? :biggrin:

    I walk my dog along the river trail most every day.
    I'd love to learn to Speed Skate though, damn you Winter Olympics.
  12. I haven't rollerbladed or ice skated in sooo long!

    I am big into swimming and surfing! I grew up on the ocean, so I was a big surfer. I still love to catch some waves :amuse:
  13. rowing, um rowing, and rowing! geez it's my life. too bad it's been making me sooo depressed lately!

    also....lacrosse, soccer, running, ice skating and bike riding are some of my favorites!
  14. I go bike riding, but I prefer trails and nice scenery to city streets. I bike for fun, not to actually go somewhere. But Rollerskating...I would LOVE to do that again. :smile:
  15. I go to spinning 5 times a week and do Pilates and weights but these are all indoor activities. The only thing I do outdoors on a regular basis is walk our dogs.