Athena - 7 minute Lift.

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  1. I wondered if anyone else has tried this Athena 7 minute Lift. I bought a jar of it and I am quite amazed at the results. They say its like Botox in a jar, I have never had Botox but this stuff I would think is like it. I have tried it now for a week, all dark circles gone, lines gone. Its not permanent, but it does last all day. You have to mind not to use to much otherwise it can leave a white film on the skin, you also must not move for 7 minutes once you apply it, but think this cream is great.

    Anyone else tried it?
  2. No, I've never heard of it. But I must admit I am curious, where did you buy it?
  3. I sent for it from the US as its hard to get in the UK. It comes with this quite big brush, you wet the brush a little and dip it into the cream then paint it on your face. I have found it amazing, never seen a cream like it. Its Organic with 12 Greek Essential oils.
  4. How long did it last? Funny, I don't have acne and I don't (think anyways) I have a lot of wrinkles. I used to think my face looked puffy though. Then I came to realize it wasn't puffy but saggy~so anything to help in this area would be great!
  5. Sometimes I have dark circles, plus I have small amount of crease lines around the eyes, I put this stuff on and I do not do anything for 7mins. after this time lines gone so has any dark circles, with me it last all day. I do not have any acne so do not know how it reacts to that. You can check it out on
  6. I think thats the wrong link? I'll try googling it
  7. Whoops my mistake. It has just come in to Harvey nicks in London and the day it was launched their was a long line going round the block for this.
  8. That looks impressive.
  9. Do you leave it on or is it like a mask that you put on for 7 minutes and then wash off? If you do leave it on it feels like nothing??
  10. You leave it on. You skin feels tight for about 1 hour after putting it on then it relaxs. Once you have waited 7mins. you can put your make up on over it. I think its excellent stuff, makes lines go and dark circles under the eye. You just need to be carful not to put to much on otherwise it goes white.
  11. Is one of the ingredients GABA? I am wondering if it has the same stuff as the Freeze 24/7.
  12. For the people in the UK and Europe, you can buy it online at (it costs 50 pounds). I was really curious after reading about it in the newspaper and considering giving it a try... thanks for posting about it!!
  13. I just ordered I will report back!! Thanks for the tip, it sounds like liquid magic!
  14. oooh, sounds interesting. i'm still in my 20s, so i don't know if i need it quite yet, but i'm wondering if it has any preventative effects? also, i'm thinking about getting it for my hubby who is *a bit* older than me. :graucho:
  15. i think this will make a great gift to myself, i'll be turning the big 3 0 in a few weeks. thanks!!!