Ateliernaff's Somebody didn't get the memo...

  1. Oh, LP...I'd be so broke if the Balenciaga decided to have these colors for fall...


    I love all of these colors but very bad for my wallet :sweatdrop: :hysteric: :nuts:

    Now, that makes me happy about the current fall colors...

    Ps. pic above from atellier.naff &
  2. OMG!!! the lemon curry would be yummy in weekender :yes:
  3. Seriously, what's wrong with Balenciaga? it's like they're on a very looooong lunch break!
  4. I love those colors, just the right amount of richness and brightness but still sophisticated.
  5. Purple wine and lemon curry are so :drool: :drool:
  6. I would be in real trouble if they did those colors.........they're gorgeous! I NEED purple wine and lemon curry!:drool:
  7. I love the color they call dusk - it definitely has tinges of periwinkle. The lemon curry is killer. Cashmere rose and purple wine - love them both. I would only need four bags - each of those colors. Alas, may have to look at other designers and see if they rec'd the Pantone memo. :drool:
  8. Purple Wine! Quick someone helps me. I am getting weaker, just thinking about it
  9. Purple wine and cashmere rose
  10. Stargazer for me. It just looks so......DIVINE! :drool:
  11. Lemon curry please! Can we start a colour request petition for Balenciaga???? Please??
  12. I love the Shale Green and Purple Ochre!

    I'm not going to be too hard on Balenciaga though cause I thought the colors this spring were exceptional.
  13. must! have! burnt! ochre!!
  14. Oh purple wine and dusk look divine.
  15. yummy!!