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  1. I missed out on all the drama (lazy as usual) - but The Blog is still there!!! Must have been a temporary closure for maintenance, but today i found it open for public wieving - and with a terrific new post, as usual! :heart::tup::dothewave::smile::heart:
  2. YIPPEEE!!!!!!! Thanks for posting that info!!
  3. argh. can't log in- keeps redirecting me........
  4. ...well i mean it's a bit abbreviated (abridged?), but it's still with us, that's the main thing. :tup:
  5. LP's blog was a wonderful resource (a labour of love) and helpful to so many people worldwide. I wish her well and deeply appreciate all of her efforts.

    With gratitude and appreciation,

    p.s. All the best to you LP! :flowers:
  6. doesn't work for me either. I hope it will soon, I miss it!
  7. Looks like the Bal reference from naff is gone forever :cry:

    Just want to say a big thanks to LP.

    You have basically taught me all that I know (as well as learning through others on TPF) and I am now confident enough to scout around for bags and can tell fakes a mile off ;)

    I for one really appreciate all the effort you had put into making a fantastic reference and I'm sure that something just as helpful will exist on TPF for future Balenciaga lovers!

  8. :crybaby:

    for real- LP's site is bookmarked and was checked everyday by me--- brand new to bbags and super excited about this blingy thing called GH....

    Thank you LP---- and you did have MAD photoshop skillz.
  9. Rest in Peace AtelierNaff - And thank you so much Mrs. Naff - for sharing your knowledge for so long!! The site shall be missed..

    Thanks for everything LP.

    I'll still look forward to all of your future posts.
    Good luck and lots of :flowers:
  11. :crybaby:oh, my.... I'm a Balenciaga newbie and AN was so helpful for my ignorance....
    I was just a new sudent: now I'll have to disturb the other PFers all the time to understand more!:graucho:
    Thank you for your help and enjoy your free time!!
  12. Wow - I feel so lucky to have learned all that I did from LP's site. Informative, witty, inspiring .... Many thanks to her for everything she put into it and all we got out of it.
  13. That is so sad, I too learned all I know from AtelierNaff !!! I wonder what kind of person would try and ruin the site :cursing: !!! Rest in Peace, Thanks LP for everything.
  14. I remember that guy that's posted on the front page of aterlier's good bye speech!!! OMG talk about taking me back.

    I bookmarked this site too and had learnt SO MUCH about colours, hardware, tag reading to to i.d. the year etc etc.

    It was my go to page for every single bbag that I bought online. In fact, all that I have was first 'reviewed' via that site (except the vert gazon GH day which is brand new from Balny).

    I will miss it terribly but have confidence that TPF will have a very comprehensive replacement from which we can all reap the benefits from, and learn.

    RIP atelier naff and go enjoy your life and bbags.

    And yes - you do have mad photoshop skills. :greengrin:

    ps. Thanks for using the bbags with silver GH pics on your front page for a while that I first posted! I felt quite special for a while there!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.