Ateliernaff swatch now has the orange rust

Jan 25, 2006
susan-eric said:
The emerald is interesting looking on the swatch too. Barneys NYC does not have a good selection on the selling floor. I was in there the other day and there was not a single Purse style in any color at all.
Really susan-eric? I was just in there too and I saw the purse in ink, black and rose. The black and rose purses were on racks, and the ink purse was on one of the pegs on the wall. They had so much stock that I can't imagine they would sell all the purses that quickly. I don't recall seeing any city bags, but I definitely saw purses, and other styles galore too.

Did you see the new colors (cognac, rust, emerald) when you were there?


Jan 6, 2006
Yes, I did see a lot of ink and black--yeah--maybe rose too--I may have been miffed about there not being any Purse styles in the entire display. I didn't see any new colors either and I would think Barneys would get them pretty early. Guess not. Although--that was LAST week.


Jan 8, 2006
hmmm, i must email Balenciaga NY!!!! weee heeee!!! new colours!!! im eyeing up the green or the rust! (actually i think im going in over my head) *blush*