Ateliernaff swatch now has the orange rust

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  1. Ateleirnaff is now showing the rusty orange, emerald green and camel/beige. Oh-oh, I think I heart the orange..:love:
  2. And if you email Aloha Rag ( they will send you a PDF file of the bags currently in stock in these colors.
  3. I think I better not email for their list, lest I find something I MUST have, hehe. Have not even used my Paddy yet. But so tempting...
  4. Whoa boy. ...creeps over to check out orange...
  5. I asked at Barney's this morning about the rust/orange....they were already sold out and wouldn't be getting more in. :sad:
  6. What about the actual Balenciaga store? I'm hoping to get a Rust b-bag from there.
  7. As of Friday, Balenciaga NY had not received the Spring 2006 bags (emerald, rust and cognac). I was quoted an arrival date of March 15th. Since Aloha Rag and apparently Gretta Luxe (according to another member) have already received some bags, I'm hoping that they come in to Bal NY before the 15th.

    The Neiman Marcus in NYC has not received their bags either. The SA that I spoke with there wasn't sure when they would arrive.
  8. So that hopefully means that rust bags will start showing up on eBay soon... I'm dying to see an actual bag in that color!

    AngstofGumby- Can I just say that I love your screenname? It's :lol:!
  9. AR had a rust hobo and a rust purse in late last week... so gorgeous! fiery!
  10. Thanks for the compliment on my screenname, spiralsnowman. I too can hardly wait to see the new colors in person.

    I am unable to get into my previous post to edit it so I would like to issue a retraction here. I accidentially typed Neiman Marcus in my earlier post when what I meant to say is Barneys NY. There is no Neiman Marcus in NYC. Oops.
  11. Mocean, do you have a pic of that? *pant*
  12. I'm not Mocean, but spiralsnowman, if you want you can PM me with your e-mail address and I will be happy to send you my Aloha Rag PDF which has bags pictured in rust, emerald and cognac.
  13. nope- no pics spiral, i should do a reconnaisance misson for them, maybe monday, hmmm. Their display is rpetty, floating chairs with purses riding the seat. The rust is bright! think red-orange, not reddish brown.
  14. Oooh, yes, a pm is coming your way... :smile:

    I love the bright colors.
  15. The emerald is interesting looking on the swatch too. Barneys NYC does not have a good selection on the selling floor. I was in there the other day and there was not a single Purse style in any color at all.