Ateliernaff Colorwheel - It's Beautiful

  1. Oh, I love this colorwheel! I would like a poster of that....thanks LP!:yes:
  2. Wow...would love to have each and every colour!! Thanks LP!!
  3. Wow yes I want them all.........

    bubblegum pink city and first on their way !!!
    vert d'eau first
    true red first
    marigold yellow compaganon
  4. Beautiful !!!!!!!!!
  5. Thank you so much! We appreciate all of your hard work! It is beautiful!
  6. Beautiful!
    Thank you for all that you do, LP:smile:
  7. I LOVE IT!!! Such a fun way to look at all the colors. Reminds me of when I was a little girl I use to pour out all 96 Crayons from Crayola's Big Box and proceed to order them by color. Pretty colors.
  8. Yes! It is sooo beautiful!:love:
    I've saved it and put it onto my desktop :p

    Thanks LP!!:flowers::cutesy:
  9. I must be lost because I don't see it on her site:wondering
  10. :nuts:

    LP, That's just AMAZING!!!! We should keep you with a glass of vino, and steal ya telly always just so you can do art and craft like that for us ALL the time! :p
  11. That is a true work of art!!!!:nuts:
  12. LP: you are my shero! :tender:
  13. NICE! I want a poster, too.

    LP - maybe you should make one up, with "Purse Forum supports Kiva" in the middle, and sell them as a fund raiser! In your spare time, of course...
  14. LP, I think that EVERYONE wants a poster of the colorwheel. How handy is that to have?

    Now, I do have a question...where would Noir and Bianco/Blanc fall within the wheel? Anyone?
  15. Whoa that colour wheel is soooo much fun