1. I love this website and find it very useful. Today I spoke to a SA at the NY Balenciaga and she indicated that this site has some inaccuracies and that I should not believe everthing I read on it.

    I found this site to be very useful but it makes me feel a little apprehensive now that she said that.

    have you seen any inaccuracies on that webiste? has it always been correct?
  2. coco, that's interesting...I think the site is very thorough, well-researched, and accurate. Did she say specifically what the "inaccuracies" are?
  3. i think ateliernaff is compiled based solely on other TFS or PF balenciaga buyers (from boutique or NM/bloomies) who provide her with the info on bags and colours etc. Also, it seems like ateliernaff has her own little source as well.

    I think the info that EXISTS on the blog are true about genuine bags. but those that are NOT mentioned there are not neccessarily fake. and i'm sure the list is not exhaustive...
  4. I would love to know what these 'inaccuracies' are..
  5. coco, I would ask your SA to be specific on what these "inaccuracies" are. I find it so hard to believe... and would like to know exactly what she means. I myself have found this site to be extremely helpful and would hate to see all the hard work that was put into it go to waste over false accusations that have no basis.
  6. me too... I consider it the bible. it has yet to let me down!

    thanks again LP!
  7. I'm not sure what they mean by inaccuracies, but I also think they have a problem with color swatches being posted in advance on the site. When the swatches for fall first appeared on ateliernaff I called Bal NY to ask about specific colors. They said they hadn't received any info about colors yet and asked where I saw the swatches. I said I found them somewhere on the Web but couldn't remember the site name (I didn't want to cause any problems and thought it was best to play dumb). The SA seemed pretty peeved about the whole thing and said I shouldn't trust the info because nothing was official yet. Of course, the swatches turned out to be accurate...
  8. I think that the SA was a lil peeved because she was a bal SA and didnt have a clue about the info u gave her. So Im taking a wild guess here, she might felt that since she was a SA for bal that SHE KNEW more info than a regular customer or a website. egotistic I think. Im not sure if I made sense. hehehe
  9. I support the fact Balenciaga bags are sometimes sold by SAs who know less than PFers! Not in the Balenciaga boutiques, obviously, but rather in the Balenciaga corners at other boutiques. I spent ten minutes arguing with a stupid bit$£y SA here in Brussels who insisted Ink was a pale purple color and ended up telling me I should stop dreaming of that "dark navy color wich simply doesn't exist'... :rolleyes:

    I do believe ateliernaff is so specialised and is the result of such an extensive gathering of knowledge that it is certainly more reliable than some SAs. However, bear in mind the Balenciaga SAs, provided they're not newbies, have seen all models, colors and leathers. Their experience is worth it.
  10. you make sense poppincourt .. and i love ateliernaff have been very helpful to balenciaga newbies like myself
  11. I certainly have not seen any inaccuracies.
  12. Actually, I don't believe everything that comes out of an SA's mouth.

    Ask her to qualify her statement about the inaccuracies. Tell her to be specific.
  13. i get the feeling, at least at balenciaga nyc, they don't want to announce the next seasons colors while they're still trying to sell the current stock. on several occassions i've gotten conflicting info there which leads me to believe they do know but can't or don't want to share the info with us!
  14. i think LP did a damn good job of documenting on her blog. i've learned more about bbags from there than i have from any SA, in fact anywhere else. i personally haven't seen any inaccuracies. i too would like to know what the SA meant... have her clarify to which inaccuracies she has found.

  15. Agree. I've had issues with BalNY claiming not to know things and when called on it, they'll admit that they've been told to sell the current stock first.

    In any event, I take everything they say with a grain of salt - every SA there has given me misinformation at one time or another. It's a shame that we have nowhere else to go for more complete information - you'd assume that the only Bal boutique in the US would know everything, but you'd be wrong. Ateliernaff has been a huge help to anyone who's read it. Its info is probably not exhaustive (what could be?), but I've never seen any material inaccuracies either.