ATA airline folds leaving passengers stranded

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  1. my uncle is a pilot with them and he was worried all weekend about the announcement. :sad:
  2. So sad. Just saw a woman on the news crying because she was flying to her wedding :sad:
  3. Horrible. The airline industry is so unstable right now....with the cost of fuel, security problems, airlines folding, flights cancelled, TSA theives, etc. etc. flying is truly a source of stress for me. :tdown:
  4. I am so sad about this. First Aloha Airlines then is so sad for all the employees and their families.
  5. It's hard to believe that two relatively large airlines are just gone within just a few days of each other.....
  6. Call me stupid, but what is ATA airlines? I've never heard of it. Does ATA stand for something?
  7. They were a pretty large airline but mostly operated their non-commercial passenger flights in Indiana, Chicago, Hawaii. They did a lot of cargo & military flights. They don't operate out of any airports close to me but I read the news and feel aweful for those passengers who headed to the airport just to find their flights cancelled upon arrival. I can't imagine the stress...