At work and cursing UPS!

  1. I am SO furious at UPS right now. They have left my delivery on my porch... not only is it raining here, but my porch is right next to the street across from a park where some not so nice people hangout!

    The thing that makes me angriest is USPS did this last week, so I put a sign that says "DO NOT leave packages on my porch, it is not a secure location" and they did it anyways!? WTF!? What happened to UPS needing signatures on deliveries? That box will be there from the time they dropped it off an hour ago until I get home at 11:30pm! :cursing:

    I'm just glad it isn't a purse... it's a cell phone, which i guess is pretty bad if it gets wet.
  2. They left it on the porch??? After you left a sign saying NOT to?? Jeez, that's unbelivable, I wonder if their incompetent or defiant?
  3. Unbelievable.. Are they too lazy to read the signs you have posted??? Tsk Tsk.
  4. They will likely place the box inside of a plastic bag if it's raining out. However, I understand why you are upset!
    I hope everything is fine with your package when you get home!
  5. :mad: :huh:h, how frustrating! I'd be so pissed and worried. do you think you can swing home during a break or lunch/dinner hour?
  6. Wow... that is just crazy!!!
  7. Ugh, I had to call my in-laws that live near my house to go and pick it up for me. I'm a dispatcher, so I don't really get a break or else I would have left right away to get it!

    I have sent a very angry email to UPS, for what good it will do.
  8. Well I am glad it's not sitting outside on your porch anymore. I wonder if there's anything we could do to change that it's so annoying when mail couriers do that.
  9. UGH! I would be so mad too!
  10. Yeah.. delivery servies make me SO mad! I left a note for Fedex to leave a package in the cooler under the porch.. HE LEFT IT OUT IN THE OPEN!!!:cursing:
  11. Yes, UPS sucks!! My husband just chewed out a UPS driver today after he saw him throw up a box of lights we purchased up our stairs from the bottom floor. When my husband saw the box, it was smashed in, and he drove and chased down the driver. He told him that he saw him throw up the box, and the driver totally lied to his face and said, "No you didn't." My husband was sooo mad, he's going to call up UPS management and complain.
  12. Well my phone was dry but unfortunately I had to head straight to paypal and file a claim against the buyer. It was a mess, and they sent the wrong charger and the dang thing doesn't turn. bleh.
  13. ARE THEY INSANE?!?!? you should call and complain and talk to a manager about it. especially after you put in a sign that says it's not a safe place to leave packages. in future try and see if calling UPS with the tracking number works. give them your cell phone and ask them to call you to coordinate delivery or something.

    this is insane. i hate it when ppl leave packages on your doorstep and expect it to still be there when you come home!!!

    URgh so sorry to hear the phone doesn't work. =( i hope you can work things out the seller.... what's wrong with these sellers... i've had my fair share of bad eBay experiences though =(
  14. Our UPS man pulls the doormat (which is the same color as the porch) up over the packages when it is raining and sometimes "just because," I guess, because I'm at home with my car in the driveway. I've almost killed myself several times trying not to fall on my face on top of the delivery while I am hurrying out the door to go somewhere.
  15. this makes me mad.