At which H boutiques do you regularly shop?

  1. I know we recently did a thread like this, asking how far you lived from your closest boutique...but I've noticed that some people regularly shop at multiple locations, or their favorite SA is located hundreds of miles from them. (lovehermes, I'm thinking of you!)

    So, if you don't mind, please say where you shop regularly. And if you are like me, it might be eBay or other secondary sellers that you know only via the internet.

    I regularly shop eBay, Luxury-Zurich's website, and the Hermes boutique at N-M Troy, Michigan.
  2. When I do visit H it is the Worth Avenue Boutique in Palm Beach, Florida

    I also pop in a half dozen times a year to Bal Harbour in Miami

    (I leave without bags all the time!!! BUT, my time is a coming.)
  3. I mainly shop at the Hermes in Atlanta.

    But I also go to Hermes D.C. sometimes.
  4. For me it's San Francisco with ocassional calls to NM in Palo Alto and NYC. BUT I love to buy from LZ because I also am addicted to vintage Hermes bags which one can't get from the boutique.
  5. I mostly shop at SF. Have gotten items from SCP and Las Vegas too.:flowers:
  6. I am San Francisco as well! There are so many SF people here, maybe we should have a meet up one day as I'm sure we've passed by each other :smile:
  7. Sydney and Melbourne Boutiques, Australia.
  8. My H-store is Houston, even though it's 3 hours away, but the one in Dallas is 4 hours away... so Houston it is
  9. Marunouchi Hermes Boutique
    Ginza Hermes Boutique
  10. another SF shopper here!
  11. I am less than a mile from the Boston H store, so that's my "local"
    I also work out of our NYC office and use it as an excuse to get over to the Madison Ave store.
    We just opened a San Diego office - is there an H boutique down there??
  12. SF is the closest for me as well!
  13. Chicago and Bev Hills.
  14. SF, SCP, Chicago, Paris, KOP. I also frequented Monaco, London, and Nice.
  15. Hi coco-nut!! Thanks for thinking of me!! I have been shopping at the Chicago store for about ten years. I haven't been there in three years. My SA left a few months ago to take care of her baby.

    Also, I shopped at Bal Harbour two years ago and just recently while I was in Florida for a month.

    I buy at NM in Troy very rarely...sometimes for a scarf, but no bags yet. BTW, we should meet one day at NM!!