At what week did you tell your boss you were pregnant?

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  1. Or when are you planning? I will be 12 weeks this Thursday....I have not told anyone but really can't keep it in much longer. Now my dad is in the hospital - heart attack and much on my plate & I feel I should tell my boss.
  2. I told my boss at week 16 but I was waiting for my annual appraisal to be over before announcing it. I think week 12 is appropriate.

    Sorry to hear about your dad, I hope he gets better soon. :hugs:
  3. I told my boss at 12 weeks. A co-worker asked her if I was pregnant or getting fat two days before I told her, so I'm glad I didn't wait much longer.
  4. I think I told my boss a little after I found out. By week six, I started having morning sickness & would need to run out of the classroom & puke. I didn't tell my students until around 12, though some had guessed by then.
  5. I told my boss really early. I have an auto-immune disease that made it a high-risk pregnancy, so I had doctor's visits or lab work all the time. Things were pretty rocky at my company at the time, so I didn't want him thinking I was out interviewing. I was glad I told him early, because I then proceeded to have all day nausea and pretty much constant migraines, so he started getting emails from co-workers telling him how sick I looked.

    I would say you could certainly tell your boss at this point if you're comfortable with it. If you're at a company subject to FMLA and disability laws (enough employees, etc.), they have to be so careful about it that there's certainly no harm in doing so.
  6. i was about 3 months also. i remember my boss saying she knew it b/c i had been eating crackers lately....and it wasnt snack or lunch time (i teach)
  7. I told my boss at 5 weeks, the day after I found out cos I felt I needed her support and understanding.

    Will be praying for ur dad!

    Take care and focus on your baby and health as well!
  8. Thanks all- I am a receptionist at a lawfirm... so they def have FMLA in place- posters are in the cafeteria They will be mighty mad though as I started Aug 4th.... baby is due Aug I will have been there 1 year (Thank goodness) for the short term disability!
  9. i told my boss when i was abt 3 mths as well ...
  10. I told my boss at 11 weeks, because we were having our office Christmas party and everyone would have surely questioned why I wasn't drinking! If it wasn't for that, I probably would have waited 3 more weeks until after the holidays. I'm a lawyer at a really small law firm that is not subject to FMLA and offers no paid maternity leave. My boss is pretty anti-baby, so I was worried I wouldn't get a raise or a bonus at the end of the year. And guess what? I got a raise, but no bonus- for the first time in the 7 years I've been working here. He says he's happy for me, but I think he's more annoyed at the inconvenience I will be causing the rest of the firm. Even though I'm only planning to take 6-8 weeks off, because I can't afford not to get paid for any longer than that.

    So the moral of my story is to only tell your boss early if you know you will not be discriminated against. Unfortunately it's not illegal to discriminate against a pregnant woman. It should be, but it's not. And often it's hard to prove anyway, so protect yourself.
  11. when i was working i had to tell them pretty early on. i had to lift heavy objects both times...and one asked me to lift move around boxes of paper. so they had to know why i wasn't going to do it.
  12. i told him after i finished my 12th week and was in the 'safe' zone
  13. I told my boss at 8 wks. My pregnancy is characterized as high risk and my OB had me go to the lab every week for bloodwork. I had to tell him because of all the time away from work. I would have preferred to wait a little longer, but felt it was best to be honest since I would be gone every week for about an hour or more.
  14. I am approaching 14 weeks and I still haven't told my boss yet. I decided to wait until I was completely in the 2nd trimester, and I have a 14 week visit next Tuesday. So I think I will be about 15 weeks when I am ready to tell my boss. I guess I'd feel much better after I get it over with.
  15. i wanted to wait to tell until i had the 12-week ultrasound, and everything was ok, but i had to tell early, like at 8 or 9 weeks, to explain why i was lagging behind in work (i had major all-day morning sickness, it was horrible). i was extremely tired as well.