At what stores was PNY sold?

  1. Hey ladies.

    I am still looking for an expandable black PNY flap; however, I have called Chanel's 1-800 number, Neiman Marcus and Saks. Saks and Chanel boutiques apparently never got the expandable flap, or so these people are telling me. The lady at Neiman's told me that bag was sold out in her store, but there is no way to locate one from another store.

    Was it sold anywhere else? I need it and I will call every store in the country 'til I find it!

    Thanks so much for your help ... p.s. there is one white one on eBay if you search for "Chanel expandable Paris New York" if anyone wants it!
  2. The PNY Expandable flap was a limited edition in 2006. So eBay or consignment stores are your best bet.

    Would love it if Chanel would bring it back though!
  3. What types of consignment stores? Are there any specific ones I could try that would actually carry Chanel? (I am in Connecticut, but am willing to do major phone work for this!)
  4. It would be a huge surprise to me that the boutiques did not carry the PNY expandable flaps. I know that just recently any PNY bags and wallets were shipped to the Chanel outlet and reduced for final sale. Only problem is that the Chanel outlet does not take phone orders.
  5. Ilovemrjones- :police:I'm on the hunt for this bag too w/ no such luck:crybaby:!!!!!
  6. omgz.

    Where is this Chanel outlet? I will drive millions of miles to get this bag. (Well, maybe not, but still it's useful to know in the event I ever stop buying bags and save money to travel!)

    If I find more than one PNY flap I will buy them all that's how much I love 'em.
  7. Hugs. I know the pain. I can't believe this upsets me so, but I have always been the gal who finds what she wants and gets what she wants! (I cover my own costs, so, no, I'm not THAT spoiled.)

    However, if I ever come across more than one, I will come back to this thread and let you know! Wouldn't that be a dream?! :smile:
  8. I called the 1-800 number first, and the lady there was the one who told me the expandable flap shape was not in boutiques. I was like, "What!" I couldn't believe it.

    However, maybe she was just not that with it.

    When I called the NYC store, the girl said the bag is simply no longer available in the retail stores. She apparently did some check on the computer for me on this bag.

    My SA at Neiman's also did a nationwide search —*no luck — and my SA at Saks claims to never have gotten any PNY! Same with Nordstrom Seattle.

    I'm getting depressed!
  9. The Chanel outlet is at The Woodbury Commons in New York. You can call them, they may tell you over the phone if they have one available, however if they did they wouldn't do phone orders. Someone needs to pick it up in person.
  10. There is a White PNY Expandable Flap on Ebay right now @ $2495 with 2 days left......
  11. the pny flap is SOLD OUT. your only chance of finding one is ebay.

    Well, the way I see it, lose your dreams and you will lose your mind! :p
  13. There's a black one on ebay right now but SADLY is a fake:crybaby::hysteric:
  14. It is definitely a fake, but a good one. I really want a black PNY flap, or the dark red/bordeaux colour that Colleen McLoughlin was pictured with. Divine!
  15. Oh my gawd. I just checked on eBay and I thought that fake PNY was real until I saw the enlarged pictures. How awful that someone has bid $1,025 on that.

    Why oh why don't people notice the mismatched quilting, the obviously fake style number.

    How could someone fake the beautiful PNY ... :sad: It makes me sad that some girl is going to walk around with that, thinking it's real. :tdown: