At what age should you start eye creme?

  1. Hi there!
    I'm 21 years old and I'm wondering what's the best age to start using eye creme? What does it do?
    And how do you use eye creme? Lids or the undereye area?
  2. I would start now. I started in my early 20's just because I worked at a beauty counter, but I swear it has paid off. Start with a light one and get more heavier as you age. I use it both undereye and on my lids, but that is because my lids actually get dry in the winter. Make sure you also use sunglasses to protect the area from the sun and if you are going to be in the sun use an eye area sunscreen. I'm 38 and I have a sister two years younger who is not so good at eye cream. She looks at least 5 years older than me!
  3. I'm 21 too and I started using eye cream last year! I just use mine under my eyes
  4. What eye creams are you guys using? (I'm in my 20s)
  5. I'm 22 and I started using eye cream when I was 20. I believe that early prevention is the key to having healthy, young looking skin for a long time, so you should definitely start now. Every eye cream has a different purpose (puffy eyes, wrinkles, dark circles, etc.) but you should start with something light. I started off with Clinique All About Eyes and switched to different brands (Ole Henrikson, Kiehl's, etc.) and now I'm using La Prairie. (I've upgraded because I full-time AND attending school full-time, and it definitely takes a toll on my eyes :cry:smile:

    To apply eye cream, I always use my 4th finger (your ring finger on your left hand) because the skin around your eyes is thin and you need a gentle touch. I just pat and dab the cream from my under eyes to my temples.
  6. The skin under the eyes is the same, albeit thinner and without collagen, as the skin on the rest of your face, and it all needs the same things: moisture, nutrients, and sun protection. What does an eye creme do that a gentle face moisturizer with antioxidants & vitamins and SPF does not?
  7. I'm 22 and I started last year. I'm using Bobbi Brown's hydrating eye cream and I LOVE it. It sinks right in, is non-greasy and leaves my eyes looking brighter (I think). I put four dots underneath my eye to where people get crows feet lol. I pat it gently with my ring finger and pat my lids too and repeat until there is no more left.
  8. I started using eye cream in my early twenties mainly because I use concealer under my eyes and it makes it go on better and easier. I think you are at a good age to start using a basic eye cream - you don't need an anti-aging/wrinkle eye cream! Clarins and Clinique make good ones.
  9. I started when I was 15. Prevention is my motto. I am old as balls now and I dont have crows feet. I am the oldest of the three girsl in my family and I look the youngest. No sun, no smoking and eye cream.
  10. I started at 19. First, with a Boots one, now I use a Bobbi Brown in the AM, Yes to Carrots in the PM, and an Avene one with retinol every couple of nights.
  11. Thanks for all the replies!
    I started moisturizing my face a lot last summer, and I noticed some scars have faded and, even more importantly, the lines in my forehead have almost disappeared! Yay! And my skin isn't as dry and flaky as it used to be! I'm a moisturizer convert...

    This is a good point.. Maybe you'd want another creme for the eyes that sinks in a little quicker? But aside from that it shouldn't really matter, right?

    One more thing: don't we already pull our eyes when removing make-up, even when it's done gently? Would it make sense to dab the eyecreme then?
  12. My face moisturizer sinks in after a minute. My face moisturizer, which I also use under my eyes.

    I do understand that some people like eye creams for dark or puffy circles...but again, the causes of those things are NOT in the skin--they are the blood vessels beneath them. What good is a topical cream on a blood vessel? For these two things, I put cucumber slices on my eyes, or cold teaspoons. The properties in these take down the swelling and color. What can an eye creme do for these that a pair of teaspoons can't?
  13. The skin aroung the eyes is different and if you use a regular moisturizer your eyes can get puffy. You should gently dab and pat eye cream, concealer, etc around your eyes. Never rub or pull the skin around your eyes. People who rub their eyes have more wrinkles. I have tried numerous eye creams and sold skin care and cosmetics for years in college. A good starter for younger women is clinique all about eyes. I use Loreal revitalift eye in the morning and RoC at night.
  14. How do you remove make-up? I put a lot of cleansing milk on a cotton pad and then gently wipe my eyes. This is the least irritating method I've tried so far. However, I haven't found a method in which I'm not slightly pulling the eye area.
  15. Skin is an organ. One organ. The skin on your nose is the same as the skin on your rear end. Now, the overall skin layers (I believe there are 7 layers of dermis?) under your eyes are thinner, but that is because there are no fat cells in there. Like baklava: the phyllo dough is the same, but the overall desert varies in height depending upon the stuffing. The presence of blood vessels, sebrum, hair follicles, and collagen are all different from the actual skin organ.