At what age should you be carrying a kelly?

  1. I'm 27 and I'm thinking of putting my name down for a kelly. But I'm afraid it will look too mature for me. What do you guys think? Should I get another birkin instead?
  2. Don't worry about it, I feel that anyone can pull off a Kelly. It really depends on the person's style as well as the Kelly. So in a nutshell, there's a Kelly for everyone.:yes:
  3. .do you love it ?
    -can you afford it ?

    if the answer is yes buy it !
  4. I don't think you'd be too young especially if you aren't intending to use it as an everyday bag but instead plan to use it more intermittently when it suits what you're wearing. While I sometimes like vintage Kellys with jeans, Birkins definitely seem more jeans-friendly. But go to a special event or out to a nice dinner. . . well, wearing a Kelly is a classic and elegant accent which in my opinion makes the occasion just that much more special. I own a Kelly and rarely wear it (and have more than a decade- OK, two decades--on you) but I remember wearing it on my first anniversary and will always remember the joy of having it with me on that special night.
  5. Yes, although I am much older than you, I think anyone can wear a Kelly, it's such a versatile, beautiful bag.
  6. I'm in complete agreement with everyone here.....just go for it. Everyone who loves Hermes should own at least one Kelly....believe me, there is one out there for you! Take a look at the Members Hermes Items thread to see some gorgeous bags worn by women of all ages.....beautiful eye-candy!
  7. Kellys are the BEST!! You are the perfect age for a Kelly...very classic, smart and chic!! :wlae:
  8. Im 22 and Im ready for my Kelly! :smile: *ordered one but has not come* so if your 27 and concerned...Don't be!
  9. i think 27 is not too young! im 15, but havent found the right kelly for me! but i know it will come, and im still trying to get my moms birkin lol anyways go for it!
  10. it is for anyone who wants it.. well, of course, you gotta get it first.. hehe..
  11. I'm 29 now, and would like a Birkin first since it fits better with my lifestyle, but I definitely think you can pull off a Kelly at 27!

    For me, I don't see it as an everyday bag... but it would be lovely on a night out or a special dinner. I kind of picture using it where the Chanel flap would go. I do think you can "dress down" the Kelly and make it less 'mature' depending on the color and leather you choose too!
  12. I think Kelly's are the most feminine handbag ever made. Every woman should have one. You can customize it to your needs. If you are very girly get a rigide in a girly color and if you are less girly get the softer version with inside stitching (can't remember the name right now). There's a Kelly for everyone.
  13. if your style is more ladylike (e.g. Grace Kelly), then definitely go for it. age really doesn't matter. in the end, it's all about the maturity & carriage of the person wearing the bag.

    but do think long and hard before buying it because at these prices, it would be a shame to have shopper's remorse. the upside is that Hermes also has a variety of other lovely handbag styles to compliment other fashion trends.
  14. I totally agree with you there lilach:flowers:
  15. Here's the great thing about the Kelly--not only will it work for you now, it will work for you in 40 years!