At what age do I need to start seeing a gyno?

  1. My female family members keep bugging me about this... It is totally necessary? Is it safe to wait until longer?
  2. Once you become sexually active you should have regular gyno visits (they are VERY important)....but before then it's not necessary.
  3. You need to see your gyno as soon as you become sexually active or 19 years old. Which ever comes first.
  4. Hmm. I've over 19, but I'm not sexually active... I've heard from some people that it's not necessary until you are?

    I saw some commercial that said cervical cancer can be caused by a sexually transmitted virus- does this mean that if you are not active, you don't have to worry about this?
  5. Uhhh.. you should go regardless if you're sexually active or not. Your body is sexually mature.. and you should go to have your Pap test or breast exams
  6. It never hurts to go get a baseline PAP, because believe it or not some girls/women have "abnormal" PAPs all their live. If you get one now, and then in the future it changes (the results) you will have a baseline to go off of.
  7. If you have never had sex then there is no way you can get cervical cancer.

    Also because 99% of abnormal pap smears are the result of the HPV virus (a sexually transmitted disease) it is highly unliklely that you will have any problems.

    You should be having your breasts checked regularly though.
  8. Kimm992, the information that you are stating is completely INCORRECT. You can get cervical cancer even if you have never had sex. 99% of cervical cancer cases come from HPV, the Human Papilloma Virus But the other 1% come from other various places. Mutations, possibly genetic predisposition, etc.

    Please don't go around spreading this completely incorrect information...
  9. Yea, even if you haven't had sex, you should still be going to see the gyno. It is an important thing (as uncomfortable as it is) to do.
  10. I started visint once in a while for a check up around 16, better safe than sorry.
    I'll probably take my daughter for her initial check up after she starts her period {which hopefully is around 30 years old! LMAO!}
  11. I'm not spreading incorrect information.

    A woman who has never had sex has a less than 1% chance of getting cervical cancer and those VERY RARE cases are usually in people who have a family history of that type of cancer. Perhaps I should have explained a little clearer....but basically....the chances of a person who is not sexually active getting cervical cancer is slim to none (which is why I said there is no chance).

    Both of my parents are GPs...this is where my information is coming from.

    There is no need to be rude.
  12. I would say as soon as you begin to have those "special days." :smile: it would be a good idea to have a visit just to make sure things are OK, and between then, and the time when you begin to engage in intimate behavior, I would ask the doctor what s/he thinks.

    A lot depends on your family history. For instance, if you have family members who have had certain problems, the doctor might think regular checkups and routine tests are a good idea even if you are not yet intimate with anyone!
  13. Agreed.
  14. You should go to the gyno once you hit 18-19 or are first sexually active. At 18-19 your body will need to be checked to make sure everything is ok. Sometimes the gyno may decide not to do a pap, but just a pelvic exam if you are no sexually active, but that is up to the Dr. It is very very important to go regularly to your gyno once you are at the age or sexually active for many reasons. It is no big deal, not painful, just go and make sure everything is fine.
  15. Thanks you everyone for all of your knowledge. :flowers:

    The reason I was asking is because... I'm not exactly opposed to seeing a gyno, as it seems similar to yearly health checks and twice-a-year teeth cleaning, but I'm frankly kind of scared.

    I started contemplating seeing a gyno in my third year of college, and asked two of my friends for input. Both of them had gone, and described it as "very painful". One of them even said that it was the "worst pain she ever felt in her life." I didn't expect this...

    Is it true? :s