At what age did you get your first major bag?

  1. At what age did you get your first major brand bag?

    It seems that the age of getting a major brand bag seems to get lower and lower each year... I wish I was getting some of these kids' bags when I was their age... :lol:

    Well, my first one would have to be my Coach black leather bag that my mom got for me for getting into All-State Orchestra. :lol:

  2. I was 22 when I got mine.
    It was a Louis Vuitton Petit Noe
  3. Ripe old age of 39 (three weeks ago!!!) with my first LVs!
    Other than that, I spent beaucoup bucks on a Rodo silver metal evening bag for a cruise back in 2000, so i guess that's the first time officially.
  4. a burberry about 1 week ago. im 18!
  5. I finally took the plunge into designer bags at age 38!...BOY, did I make up for lost time!
  6. 19! It was a COACH off a lovely PFer.
  7. I was 16! I bought a Coach with my first paycheck :yes:
  8. 27..bought two coach bags.......bought it last yr..march of last yr
  9. my very first designer bag was the Burberry Nova Check pochette when i was 19. i still use it and :heart::heart::heart: it.
  10. hhmmmm around 25 vintage lv petit noe
  11. A Burberry barrel bag at the age of 25... just last year! :yes:
  12. kate spade sam bag...i was 21
  13. I was 18, so it'll be 3 years ago next month. It was a Burberry Novacheck Shoulder bag... the one with the flap. I haven't used it in ages though :sad:
  14. I think I was 16 when I got my Coach mini sig. soft hobo (which I recently sold :sad:)
  15. Just over three years when I was 26; Hermès Birkin 35cm Tan Box, I was seriously reckless back then when it started getting mentioned a lot so I wanted one just for the sake of it being the 'must have.'

    I only dipped my toes into bags after this, before that I had Longchamp in so many colours in all sizes because I used to and still do love them so much.