At this point, where can I get a Denaro besides Ebay?

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  1. Besides Ebay, where can i get a Denaro in any print?? I am hoping to get one at a sale price but I am even having a hard time finding it at a regular retail price.
    Anybody have an idea?
  2. i think you just answered your own question. all retail stores are completely cleaned out. unless you are members of other blogs or forums, those would be the alternate places to find one. craigslist is also another place, but there's no protection and you are vulnerable to scams. good luck!
  3. I was able to get a denaro in citta rosa a few weeks ago from Happy Six in LA. You can call them up and ask to be put on a wait list for a specific item and/or print. I think you can go to
  4. i think Happy Six is cleaned out too. they recently had a re-stock last week and within days they sold out.
  5. website has them in tutti or trasporto.
  6. hawaii LSS stores
  7. ^LOL^

    In case you couldn't tell there are other non-ebay online places to find things. Just search around for a while and you'll find one or another. Sorry that anything other than retail stores can't be mentioned though but my advice is to keep trying to find it if you really don't want to buy from eBay but like someone else said... you aren't as protected (heck eBay doesn't protect you much anyways) but always ask for pictures and use the Authentic thread!

    Main Advice: there are places you can get new or slightly new Denaros but you'll have to find them somehow on your own.
  8. LeSportsac Hawaii stores still have Vacanze, Inferno and Paradiso denaro. Price is higher than Continental U.S., but readily available (not so much on the vacanze). I think they take phone orders w/money order.