At the risk of sounding like a complete Chloe NEWBIE...

  1. ... how do you get in and out of the Paddingtons?

    Do you find it annoying to unlock the lock and then unzip the zipper? :confused1:

    I suspect the locks make these babies pretty heavy right?

    Please help enlighten a Chloe newbie who doesn't own a Chloe YET... :graucho:

  2. I really don't find it annoying, I always keep one zipper closed and just flap the lock over. Like that I can easily get into it, my wallet is huge (LV zippy organizer) and easy to catch, keys & cell in the outer pockets.

    The bag is havy but personally I really don't mind I know that it's unfashionable but if it gets too havy I just shouldercarry.
    It's more easy to carry over the shoulder than my city since it doesn't slip.
    I am only a new convert to the paddy coming from bal and still loving them but these bags are wonderful!
  3. hmmm, the paddy is pretty heavy, and i usually only keep my wallet inside the body of the bag. The rest of my items (keys, lipgloss, cell phone) are in the outside pockets..

    You don't have to lock up the whole bag, you can just place the lock on the latch.. the leather tabs you can leave hanging.

    I love the outside pockets, they are pretty deep and easy to get into...

    I love the paddy!!!! The hardest decision is choosing the color!!!
  4. :yes: I agree with everything D&G says

  5. How is it unfashionable to shouldercarry? :shrugs:
  6. You don't need to unlock the padlock to get into the bag. That would drive me absolutely crazy. It is a little bit heavy but not that bad and certainly worth it. Go see one in person. I'm sure you will love it. :love:
  7. It is sort of if you walk around Aix (I am in the south) or even "worst" Paris you hardly see anybody shoulder carry anymore "everybody" is carrying in the crook of their arm. It's just a fashion, now being a mom of three with a 15 month old I tend to privilige comfort. So I just go with whatever works best for me in the given moment :yes: .
  8. How do you get in and out of the Paddingtons? I just "flip" the lock over the main compartment of the bag. I wouldn't keep the bag zipped. Most paddy owners will protect their lock from banging onto the nameplate by using one of the zippered leather pieces...this prevents you from zippering the bag.

    Do you find it annoying to unlock the lock and then unzip the zipper? You don't need to unlock the bag ever! Or zip it. :yes:

    I suspect the locks make these babies pretty heavy right? The entire bag is heavy and the lock contributes to this a lot. You can wear the bag without the lock but that defeats the beauty of the paddington!
  9. What a brilliant idea! :idea:

    Can you confirm for me though - you do mean to thread one of the oblong-shaped leather pieces, (attached to the zippers), onto the hasp? Like when you are going to lock it all up and put the TWO leather thingies over the hasp, prior to attaching the padlock...?

    Hope that makes sense! :wtf:
  10. If I understand you correctly, yes. I believe thats how its supposed to be. The two leather bits that attach to the zippers are supposed to go over the metal plate which the lock then sits on.
  11. She is totally right (as usual:p)! I never zip it and just flip the lock over into the bag when I need to. And I carry it on the crook of my arm as well as on my shoulder which makes it much easier to deal with the weight of hte bag. And just for comparison, my MJ Blake is heavier for me than my Paddies! I love my Paddies!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Thanks. I am going to do that right now :yes:
  13. Jag, is that a new Hermes in your aviator? :drool: Here's a picture of what I mean about the leather piece protecting your lock. You don't have to use both zippers (in order to do that I think you would end up zipping it! :nuts:). Just one will do nicely. Aside from the protection factor, I actually think it looks better! :yes:[​IMG]
  14. Hi Addy! Welcome to Chloe! :nuts: The girls here have already answered your question, so I won't say too much. You will love the paddy! It's no where near as light as LVs, but fashion before comfort! :yes: I carry the bag with the lock (it's not a paddy without the lock), but I don't lock the zippers so access to the bag is easy... Hope that makes sense!
  15. Thank you so much ladies for the replies! All of you are so helpful and I do appreciate it! :heart:

    I am having a little trouble understanding how the bag actually opens and closes. I have never touched a Paddington IRL so hence the ignorance. Please be patient with me... :shame:

    Can you please post pics of how the bag opens and closes? I think that would really help me understand how this "protecting the lock" thing works. :yes:

    DH is hoping that I am not to get started on Chloe - my other obsessions are taking their toll on him! :lol: