at the risk of souding bsd.. why is all so extreme...

  1. I plan to get more.. sorry. love all Hermes, in all it's incarnations. why does everyone feel you need just one or so? enjoy a life time of Hermes products.... it may take 30 - 40 years, what is the hurry? love the brand , collect what it creates, relax and be happy!
  2. ^^^You need to find a bigger place first, you know.
  3. I see what you mean space wise... I meant.... spiritually!:yes:
  4. There is some fun i waiting... is there not?...
  5. ^^^Yeah, have to agree. Especially of this quality.
  6. A mansion. She needs a mansion......:p
  7. Sure, there is SOME fun in waiting. LOL I certainly am not a "one is plenty" kind of girl, though. I plan to live out the rest of my life pestering Hermes SAs for whatever it is that I would like to buy at the moment, and I don't mean just bags--china, linens, jewelry, maybe even RTW if I ever bothered dieting/working out.
    If I had nothing else to spend money on, I'd have Hermes *everything*.
  8. ^^^Uhm, Avan does have just about everything Hermes.
  9. I know she does, and I'm madly jealous! LOL I wish I could too, but alas, life and other priorities get in the way at the moment.

    BTW though--for many (most!) people, one really IS all they can get, and that in itself is a huge big deal and they have saved and saved, or encountered some extraordinary circumstance in order to have the funds to acquire the item. Those people love and appreciate the brand just as much as those who really do have one of everything--maybe even more so in some ways because that one item is IT for them. I know when I was a broke young girl scraping by, I thought that $950 vintage Kelly I got was the greatest thing since sliced bread. And I still have it and cherish it.
  10. And just for her Hermes. Or maybe she should just rent out a warehouse.:p
  11. One of those big lofts in downtown Alaska should do the trick......
  12. It may take me 30-40 years to get into RTW if I start dieting today.
  13. Hey, in that case---Avan, I have three extra bedrooms for rent and a barn too. And two attics. The caveat? I only accept payment in H gift certificates. :lol:

    OMG EncoreHermes, you just made me bark out loud! (Me too, dear, me too)
  14. Nope. Too small. A warehouse. The one in NJ should do nicely.
  15. I love so many other things besides Hermes. Like Furniture, Silver, and other decorative arts. I want a few more Hermes things, but you can buy a lot of nice things for the home with several thousand dollars. I am much more obsessed with the decorative arts in general, than say, just handbags. I love magazines on decorating, also. Then there is Art.

    I have an older condo that needs a lot of remodeling, so when I have extra money it will most likely go towards that.

    I also really want to go to Italy.

    Those who have everything else, and can spend their money on Hermes, are lucky indeed.

    I decided to organize my closets, and took out all of my pretty handbags, dusted them, admired them, and I am trying to be happy about what I already own.

    For awhile.