At the risk of boring you lovely ladies.....

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  1. Here's my arrival from MW this morning. Not a long drawn out reveal.....I've taken several pics because I'd like to know what your opinion is of the leather on this one. It is very, very grainy indeed but on the back much less so. I've been into Hoopers today to pick up a can of Colonill, because I thought I'd do this one with the real thing, and they had an oak one on display. It was very smooth! Not a bit of grain anywhere. There seems to be lots of variation in the leather doesn't there? This one is more like my Mitzy hobo, very smooshy. I think I was only lucky enough to get her yesterday because someone had returned her, probably because of the 'graininess', and using the code plus quidco she's less than she would have been at an outlet.

    IMG_0926.jpg IMG_0928.jpg

    IMG_0929.jpg IMG_0930.jpg

  2. Congrats on a fantastic bag - I love the grainy leather on these bags, and I hope you'll love your bag just as much as I love mine. Enjoy!
  3. LOVELY!!
    Congrats teddies! :biggrin:
  4. Stunning, the grainy leather really makes it stand out, IMO - congrats!
  5. Teddies, your bag is perfection to me, as I like mine to be more textured.

    Are you in love :smile:
  6. It is very grainy - it looks aged and like it's been worn every day for about a year ......if you like that 'vintage' look then it is fab ....your the one who's going to carry her ...what are your thoughts ?

    PS Just because she is cheaper than RRP don't settle for less quality if you're not 100% happy send her back !
  7. ooooh stunning Teddies- just fab:biggrin: love the grainy leather
  8. I like it just as it is! She looks comfortable, relaxed and 'lived in' and you will probably feel less inclined to 'baby her' because of it. I think you should enjoy this little beauty, what a good deal she was xx
  9. As long as you are happy with it being smooshy it should be fine. :yes:
    Personally I prefer them smooth. But thankfully we are all different.
  10. Thanks all! I'm so glad you like her. I was rather apprehensive about the grain being so very evident but that's how hides are. All different. Compared to OL she doesn't take my breath away when I look at her but I wouldn't have got much use out of her at all and she was too expensive to just admire. This one is more me and I shall really enjoy using her. Am I in love Chloe-babe, yes I think so. I think OL was just lust!
  11. ^ Well thats fab teddies, wear your amazing buy in good health honey :smile:
  12. i like my bags to be more smooth...that said, i got my black bays on order and could not pick out the grain myself. The grain would have never been my first choice in a shop However it's my favorite bag! I think it had something to do with the not having to baby it and enjoy using it from the day i got it...
    Hope this is the one for you! I love oak Alexa, grainy or smooth ;)
  13. Congrats Teddies - I never thought I'd prefer the grainy leather until I actually owned a bag with it - yours looks lovely!
  14. oh im sooooo jealous lol!
    its gorgeous!
  15. I love the grainy leathers, especially in oak/choc/black. It just has that 'lived in' look which really appeals to me. (I'm probably more old school though!).