At The End Of This Week I'll Be a Proud Owner of an LV!!!

  1. OMG OMG OMG!!!
    I'm still sooo excited!
    Last night I talked to my dad & he admitted to knowing my bag was fake.
    Sooo he said he's going to a boutique in the mall (The Gardens mall in PBG, Florida)
    & getting me my Neverfull.
    I didn't know who else to tell so I thought I'd tell you guys!

    How did you feel when you got your first LV?
    just thought I'd ask that haha
  2. so does this mean your dad bought you a fake bag and now that you found out he is getting a real one?? needless to say, congrats!!! wear it in good health! i remember when i got my first lv, i thought it will be my only one but boy was i wrong.
  3. It's a long story
    I got a LV for christmas from my dad it was the multipli-cite
    But it was a bad fake (the handles weren't the same, the strap to hold the handle broke & fell off, the pocket on the outside wasn't even on the right side!)
    My parents are divorced soo of course my mom got really mad
    & when she was going down, she took my purse with her.
    While she was down there she told my dad that I found out it was fake
    so I talked to my dad (after my mom talked to him) & he told me he's actually going to the boutique (I was surprised he knew where one was haha) & getting me my bag that I want.
    So there's my long story
    & I don't really get why my dad didn't ask me what kind of bag I wanted then he could have went & gotten me the bag i really wanted + it would have been real:rolleyes:

    & I'm this won't be my last LV either haha
    I plan owning a nice little collection :smile:
  4. icic, i get it, well regardless, you are getting a great bag! good luck, maybe you can sneak in an accessory or two as well. lol!
  5. Thank you! & yes the Neverfull is a great bag
    Ohh idk about that maybe we'll see haha
  6. yay congrats! :smile:
  7. yay congrats! neverfull is a nice bag, great choice for a first lv!
  8. How exciting .... :nuts:

    Be sure to post pics when it arrives.

    Congrats in advanced!!
  9. I am so happy for you! I wasn't lucky enough to have one of my parents ever buy me a bag: BIG hugs for Dad! Actually, I got my mom her first bag ;)

    I remember how I felt though: super excited! And my second one: Super guilty (it was only like 2 months later). And my 3rd one: Excited...then Guilty (only like 10 months after the 2nd one). All said and done: I love them all and my only regrets now: Don't have enough money to buy everything I want!

    I do have a tip for you though: Go with your Dad to the store! I thought I knew what I wanted too, but when you go knowing that you are about to buy something changes a bit and you may find something else that strikes you. Also this spring a lot of great bags are debuting...maybe wait until Feb. 1 to see some of those? I recently bought the Tivoli GM and now I know the Mahina xs is about to come out...I kinda wish I waited for that one! Oh well, bottom line is that when you let the price sink know you want to get one thats really right for YOU! Especially if you know it will be a while before your next!

    Most importantly: ENJOY the EXPERIENCE-- its fun trying on and shopping in the boutique! It is a different experience from when you go in just to 'look.' It is an experience you won't soon forget:tender:

    Let us know what you do and post pics! HAVE FUN!!!
  10. YAY! Congrats. My first bag was the Speedy 35 and I still consider it my "baby" to this day. i also said that I would only buy 1 and that's it. Today my Speedy "baby" has 2 siblings that include the Manhattan PM and the Neverfull GM. Enjoy your bag and the many to come :yahoo:
  11. Yay! Congratulations!
  12. yay, congrats ... post pics when you get it!
  13. What a great dad!! Congrats!! Thats really sweet!
  14. YAY!! I'm happy for you!!
  15. Congratulations.